Monday, January 25, 2016

MTC hangover is real...

K no one told me how HARD it was going to be to leave the MTC. Leaving the MTC was harder than leaving my family. Sorry, but it's true. (kinda) When me and Sister Connolly were packing, we were bawling our eyes out. it sucked. that place is my second home and 2 weeks was wayyy too short. I'm jealous of all you missionaries that will get to be there for 3 weeks instead of 2. The night before we left the MTC we all got to go to the temple. 2 of our Elders were getting there endowments out and it was so cool to be apart of it. their companions were their escorts so you can pretty much say theyre companions for life haha. we were sitting in the celestial room at the end and i was looking around and leaned over to one of the Sisters and said "this is the last time we'll all be in the same room together" (because the next morning we were all leaving at different times to our mission fields) and she said "until the celestial kingdom." and it all became so surreal to me. Those elders and sisters are family and saying goodbye to them was sooo hard. I am beyond blessed for the experience I had in the MTC. The person I miss most though is Sister Connolly. Towards the end of the 2 weeks we became like sisters and leaving her was way too hard. I'm going to convince her to come to college in Utah so we can be roomies and bff's 4 lyfe. seriously though she's gonna come over and hang out all the time cause i love her. Also, last thursday with the MTC we went out and proselyted in Manchester and it was terrifying. we talked to a couple people and got really far with this one girl, Beth, but then her friend made her stop talking to us which sucked. I've been praying for Beth ever since. But going out in Leeds is a lot easier for some reason haha. probs cause my companion is way good at it. My companion is Sister Fraurer. She is from Oregon and we are like twins. We are the exact same height, have brown hair, same body type, and are both kinda shy. It's really weird haha. We get a long really well though and she has taught me A LOT. She is a very good trainer. We are serving in Pontefract! It is the cutest little town. I havent seen much of it though because my second day out i got really sick. my mono acted up again so i was bed ridden for 3 days. it was really hard but then president and his wife came over and gave me a blessing yesterday and now im back on my feet! PRIESTHOOD POWER IS REAL, FOLKS. And it was also kinda a blessing in disguise because all that weight i gained at the MTC is gone! haha i lost like 10 pounds actually because for 2 days i just ate grapes. so there's a new diet plan you can all try! Pontefract is also the second highest baptizing in York so thats cool. We have 3 scheduled for baptisimal dates. this one lady is getting baptized on her wedding day and we are singing at her wedding. i think we're singin You Raise Me Up. so thatll be fun i guess haha. also we had tea (dinner) with this one lady named Val and she had 2 cats which i loved and she reminded me of my grandma. she was so cute. Welp, i hope this week is a lot better than last week! haha i know it will be. i can feel your prayers and i love you all. YOU ROCK. God bless america, and God bless you guys.  

1. Pontefract Castle

2. The fab 5- miss them :(

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Hello!! So wow this week was crazy. It went so fast I can't believe it's already been a week! so first of all the computers here are kinda weird and different so sorry for my bad spelling and errors. throughtout the week i wrote down a bunch of english terms so that you guys can expand your british vocabulary so here it goes :)

american slang - english slang

garbage can - rubbish bin (people literally say "rubbish" i couldnt believe it)
fair enough - fair due
tell me - fancy me this
missionary - prounounced: mish-shun-ree
plates - crockery
shot - jab
what? - sorry (this one is very confusing btw)
briliant - brill
picky - pedantic
cart - trolley
dive - delve
bathroom - washroom
mess up - waffle
awesome - check it / mint
cover all the bases - go around the houses
nap - lay-in
bobby pin - hair slide
flashlight - torches
snack at 11 - elevensies
talk your ear off - "I can talk the hind legs off a donkey"
what a goof ball - what a legend
16 lbs - 1 stone

sorry that's a lot but they talk so weird. my companion is from southern england so she has decoded a lot of words for me. her name is Sister Connolley and i love her! she is the best companion ever and we are like a yin-yang companionship. we make up for eachothers weaknesses. She is 24 years old. Her brother is actually serving in the Salt Lake City West mission in Utah so thats cool! look for Elder Connolley you probs wont see him though. She was converted at 17 years old so she is very experinced with missionary lessons but I even feel like she knows more about the church than i do. She was originally called to Brazil when she was 19 but didn't go because it didn't feel right. Thank goodness Heavenly Father saved her for me. She also loves to shower. If she could shower 3 times a day she would. So I don't feel bad when I ask her to wake up early and shower haha.    
get this, there are 5 sister missionaries and 28 elders IN THE ENTIRE MTC. THATS IT. There are literally only 33 missionaries here at the MTC. this place is tiny. but thats what i love so much about it. There are 8 people in our district and I love them all. 4 of us are going to Leeds and the other 4 are going to Manchester. Out of the 8 of us there are 2 americans (me and one from hawaii), a phillipino, tongan, romanian, 2 brits, and a german. and by the end of my stay here I'm going to learn how to say "My name is Sister Peterson and I am a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints" in all of their languages. My favorite is the Romanian, Elder Cernat (Chair-nut). He is hilarious. everything he says is so funny. but he also is so smart in the gospel. whenever he answers a question im always like "yeah, why didnt i think of that?" and he is so sweet. every time me and my comp come back to our desks in our district room he's left us little chocolates or jammy d's or a card and tells us that we're doing a good job. I love my district. 
The mtc here is so chill. the first day i got here we went through orientation (got my name tag :) ) and then our mission president was like "k go have fun and we'll see you at dinner." we didnt even get assigned companions till that night. so me and the three other sisters that were there (Sis. Cummings from California, Sis. Carter from Detroit, and Sis. Connoley) just walked around the mtc grounds, went to the temple just to look at it, went in our rooms and talked, and we actually got way bored haha. 
and then Sister Du came. She's from China and i absolutely love her. She has the cutest personality and she's teaching us all mandarin chinese. there are sooo many cultures here. the Elders upstairs are learning Greek and I think 2 of them are learning English. But like I siad the MTC is so chill. Like right now they're giving us 4 hours to email our families and do whatever we want. so im lucky and blessed to be here. 
There are 2 swans that swim in the lake that surrounds the MTC. There names are Manchester and Lancashire. I named them and we are great friends. 
My jet lagg lasted a solid day. which is good. you know that bit where someone is trying to stay awake and their head keeps dropping and then jolts back up to wake them up? yeah that actually really hurts. and when you jolt your head up to wake up it scares the crap out of you and im pretty sure the whole experience felt like dying but not as bad. 
the food here is pretty good. their bread is a lot better than ours and guess what... THEY HAVE RANCH. It's definitely not as good as ours, its a little more sour and ours is more sweet but hey. it's ranch and im happy. they actually didn't give it to us until the fourth day so i didn't eat any meat until then cause i cant without ranch! so now i can eat meat and be healthy :) They also have this drink called "squash" and it's kinda like a mix of crystal light and vitamin water. i dont like it. they have ginger beer and it tastes like ginger ale a little bit but i think its gross. but banoffee. oh my gosh. FAVORITE DESSERT EVER. go google it because holy cow i have never tasted anything better. except ranch and chik fil a. but seriously. I LOVE BANOFFEE. 
In our room there are 3 bunk beds and it's only me and my companion. So we honestly just spread out throughout the enitre room haha. again, i am blessed to be here. 
Tomorrow I go out and proselyte! They kick us out and we get to go teach people. I'm actually way excited. Pray for me haha. 
Next tuesday we all get to go to the temple and i'm so excited. 2 of the elders here havent got their endowments out so we get to attend their endowment session. it's crazy how blessed we are in utah. Elder Filihia from Tonga in our district has to fly to Hawaii if he wants to go to the temple. and we have 11 in just Utah! (there might be more but thats all i could count) so go to the temple! you're lucky to have it. 
The 3rd day I was here, my adapter that you gave me doesnt work so  I had to borrow one from the MTC. (side note: i hate how our plugs are different. i havent been able to use my straightener or hair dryer or heated blanket haha or anything. kinda annoying) Anyways, so the one that i borrowed worked! And then once i got done using caught on fire. I ALMOST BURNED DOWN THE MTC. just kidding but it started smoking way bad and my companion was like "What the hell do we do?" and i didn't think anything of it at first but then later i was like, "did my companion just swear at me.." yeah apparently in the UK "damn" and "hell" aren't considered swear words. so that was new. Fortunately, my comp has been to america a lot so she knows that she cant say them around me. which is nice. but we were in panic mode so i understood haha. so yeah. no more using the adapter for me. 
Sunday's are amazing here. We sang the EFY medley and it was so beautiful. at the part where it says "we will be the Lord's missionaries" we changed it to "we are now the Lord's missionaries" and it was so cool. I gave a talk. it was about the book of mormon and it was pretty good. 
I've started to think and pray in a british accent haha. I've also started to say "thank you" and "hello" in a british accent. i promise i don't mean to but it's hard being around the accent all day and not talking like it.
The chocolate here is incredible. i love it and i can never go back to american chocolate.
We play volleyball at the stake centre and it's so fun. i miss playing.
Also, I found out that if you have to be put in a mental hospital here on your mission, you're not allowed to go home until youre cleared. when they told us that, my whole district looked at me and i've had to tell them a thousand times that "I'M FINE" haha. they think it's funny.
K i'm so sorry my email was so long. I've had tons of time and i had a lot to tell you and i know i'll never get a chance like this again so yeah. sorry! 
Also, if you're preparing to go on a mission or even if you're not, READ "THE BOOK OF MORMON: MADE EASIER". holy crap. it has helped me tonsss already and i refer to it all the time. please please please read it. 
I have grown so much here already in a week. My testimony has doubled and my faith in Christ has become so strong there is no way I could ever deny it. This church is true. Heavenly Father is real and he loves you. And it really is so simple. My confidence here is crazy. I participate in class, I'm always raising my hand, and even with role-playing I just say what I know and feel and the Spirit speaks for me. I love role playing. We've already taught 4 investigators multiple times and I love it. The gospel changes lives. 
I love you all!! I think about you all the time and hope you're doing just great. I leave the MTC next Wednesday so I don't think I'll be able to email but I will talk to you the next week. 
Sister Peterson

1. Today was 'blue day' for our district. tomorrow is red day.

2. FRESH FACES. this was our first day here and we were all way tired and fresh off the plane so yeah. also thats the preston temple behind us

3. the mtc grounds

4. our swan friends straight chilling outside our classroom

Thursday, January 7, 2016


I MADE IT. Sorry I didn't call you, there were no payphones in New Jersey dang it. But I miss you guys tons! I got really homesick but now i'm here and i just love it. i found 4 missionaries when i arrived in manchester and now we're all friends. england is beautiful! and the mtc is so chill. i think i'm really gonna love it especially when i get in the rhythm and get busy. i get to go to the temple a day before i leave to the feild cause it's closed for maitenance. sorry for my grammar their keyboards over here are weird. anyways I LOVE YOU!!! And i'll talk to you soon.

xoxox bye 

-Sister Peterson