Monday, January 25, 2016

MTC hangover is real...

K no one told me how HARD it was going to be to leave the MTC. Leaving the MTC was harder than leaving my family. Sorry, but it's true. (kinda) When me and Sister Connolly were packing, we were bawling our eyes out. it sucked. that place is my second home and 2 weeks was wayyy too short. I'm jealous of all you missionaries that will get to be there for 3 weeks instead of 2. The night before we left the MTC we all got to go to the temple. 2 of our Elders were getting there endowments out and it was so cool to be apart of it. their companions were their escorts so you can pretty much say theyre companions for life haha. we were sitting in the celestial room at the end and i was looking around and leaned over to one of the Sisters and said "this is the last time we'll all be in the same room together" (because the next morning we were all leaving at different times to our mission fields) and she said "until the celestial kingdom." and it all became so surreal to me. Those elders and sisters are family and saying goodbye to them was sooo hard. I am beyond blessed for the experience I had in the MTC. The person I miss most though is Sister Connolly. Towards the end of the 2 weeks we became like sisters and leaving her was way too hard. I'm going to convince her to come to college in Utah so we can be roomies and bff's 4 lyfe. seriously though she's gonna come over and hang out all the time cause i love her. Also, last thursday with the MTC we went out and proselyted in Manchester and it was terrifying. we talked to a couple people and got really far with this one girl, Beth, but then her friend made her stop talking to us which sucked. I've been praying for Beth ever since. But going out in Leeds is a lot easier for some reason haha. probs cause my companion is way good at it. My companion is Sister Fraurer. She is from Oregon and we are like twins. We are the exact same height, have brown hair, same body type, and are both kinda shy. It's really weird haha. We get a long really well though and she has taught me A LOT. She is a very good trainer. We are serving in Pontefract! It is the cutest little town. I havent seen much of it though because my second day out i got really sick. my mono acted up again so i was bed ridden for 3 days. it was really hard but then president and his wife came over and gave me a blessing yesterday and now im back on my feet! PRIESTHOOD POWER IS REAL, FOLKS. And it was also kinda a blessing in disguise because all that weight i gained at the MTC is gone! haha i lost like 10 pounds actually because for 2 days i just ate grapes. so there's a new diet plan you can all try! Pontefract is also the second highest baptizing in York so thats cool. We have 3 scheduled for baptisimal dates. this one lady is getting baptized on her wedding day and we are singing at her wedding. i think we're singin You Raise Me Up. so thatll be fun i guess haha. also we had tea (dinner) with this one lady named Val and she had 2 cats which i loved and she reminded me of my grandma. she was so cute. Welp, i hope this week is a lot better than last week! haha i know it will be. i can feel your prayers and i love you all. YOU ROCK. God bless america, and God bless you guys.  

1. Pontefract Castle

2. The fab 5- miss them :(

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