Monday, February 1, 2016

I saw a pillar of light exactly over my head...

This week was incredible. To start off though, it's time for #YourWeeklyDoseOfCrazyEnglishPhrases:

cheeky - sarcastic or rebellious
flogged - when people bail on us
H - you pronounce this letter: "haych"
"what you on about?" - this is what people say when they're confused when we tell them bout Jesus
"I'm not bothered" - "no thanks"
cooker - oven
lads - boys (no one says boys here, they ALL say lads)
ibuprofen - pronounced "eye-beeyou-pro-fin"
bless you - we say this all the time. you can basically fit it into any sentence, like when people talk about something good they did, or bad they did, really anything.
posh - fancy
took poorly - sick
Brother Carter - Brotha Cahtah (he's our ward mission leader and we say his name for fun all the time)
If you want to say 10:30 or 8:30, you say "half 10" or "half 8". this can be really confusing.
chav's - we think it stands for "causing havok and disaster" but it's basically teenage/middle aged boys and girls who wear adidas jogger outfits and do drugs and stuff. we stay away from those people.
chavie - adjective of definition above
dodgy - sketchy or flakey

So yeah. I hope you enjoyed. Last P-day we went around Pontefract and went to all the shops and to a castle and a couple cool churches and cathedrals and it was really fun. This place is so filled with history it blows my mind. I had a sausage roll which is like a cold pigs-in-a-blanket. Not my favorite. 
The great thing about England is there's no tax! It shouldn't be that exciting but it makes me a little happier everytime I buy something haha. You know those Cadburry eggs that you get around Easter time? EVERYTHING here is Cadburry. I'm going to come home with diabetes because the chocolate here is too good. I always have some in my bag haha I can't help it. Also, when we walk to the church, there's a Haribo candy factory right across the street so the air smells like candy and gummy bears everytime we walk by there. 
So England has like 40 different accents. You can walk down one street and here one accent and then walk down another street and here a completely different accent. Most of the time I just smile and nod and pretend like I know what they're saying but i don't. I'm working on it though. If you want a taste of what it sounds like though, watch the mormon message called "rescued by Christ". It's pretty accurate. 
When we come home at the end of the night, you'd think that we just went out and smoked all day be cause we stink so bad. 80% of our investigators smoke so it gets on our clothes and it's awful. There are a few people's houses that I go into and struggle breathing because the air is so bad. Don't smoke, you guys. It's probably killing your visitors more than it's killing you.
The other day we met a lady who has a certificate from the Pope and got a letter from the Queen of England congratulating her and her husband on they're 60th wedding anniversary. That was pretty neat.
So the first few days out here I was really sick so apparently word spread like a wildfire and EVERYONE knows about it. We went to York for a district meeting and all these Elders and Sisters that I had never seen in my life came up to me and asked me if I was feeling better and if I was okay. And everyone in the ward has been calling us to see if i'm okay and have been praying for me all week. The people here are so nice! But sometimes I just wanna be like "Guys, that was a week ago. I'm fine." But yeah. I'm forever labeled as "the sick sister". 
The members here really are amazing. We have tea appointments almost every night and there are these 2 old ladies that make us frozen meals and give them to us every Sunday. Bless them. 
I gave a talk in church. It was alright but it was definitely not my idea of my first week at church haha. 
One way that me and Sister Froerer keep things interesting is we made a question jar full of questions about life or religion and we go up to peoples doors and say "Hi, me and my friend are just going around with a question jar asking people to answer a question from it, would you mind helping us with that?" and it has been so successful actually people really enjoy it, especially if they have little kids that come to the door. Apparently it's been going around facebook too. We also have been playing this game that's lasted us about 4 days. We each take a turn and have to think of a song that has the word "love" in it. Play it, it's pretty fun. 
1. I memorized Joseph Smith's first vision are recited it in a lesson
2. That lesson was with this investigator named Liam and he actually contacted us, has read the book of mormon, prayed for his first time right in front of us, and WE SCHEDULED HIM FOR BAPTISM. It was my first time and it was one of the coolest things I have ever experienced. And this all happened in the very first time we met with him. Some people are so prepared for the gospel and it makes our job so much easier haha.
3. We met this woman Amanda on the bus and she was on her way to a funeral so we talked to her about the Plan of Salvation and she started crying and we got her number so we called her and she's super interested to learn more BUT she doesn't live in our mission boundaries. She actually lives in my MTC companions boundaries. WE WERE SO MAD. But I guess it doesnt matter who teaches her, right?
4. President Pilkington called us this morning and said he was super impressed with how many hours we went out finding this week (28 hours) and how many lessons we taught and members present we had. It was such a confident boost and I want one of those every week.
So yeah, that was my super great week. I love my mission! And I absolutely love being a missionary. It is hard work, but when times get hard, I start naming all the things I'm grateful for in my head and immediately my whole day turns around and I go to sleep smiling. I hope you all have had incredible weeks and you're in my prayers! Until next time. :)

1. Me and Sis Froerer while out knocking

2. way cool ministry church in York

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