Monday, February 22, 2016

The rollercoaster that is England.

This week was crazy, you have no idea. Serious high's and serious lows. But first. #YourWeeklyDoseOfCrazyEnglishPhrases (there's not much this week)
pop around the corner - just around the corner
ought - pronounced 'oat', anything else
nought - pronounced 'note', nothing
well good - very good
ee, by gum - used in a sentence: "ee, by gum, it's cold outside!"

So me and my comp are doing this thing called 'Lent'. It's a catholic tradition where you give up a bad habit 40 days before Easter. So we gave up chocolate. Don't worry, I have a stash built up that I'm gonna eat on Easter but it's been really good for us. We eat more fruit now. And we still eat it if a member gives it to us so our very first day of Lent, we went to a members house for tea and they had this AMAZING chocolate cake. Huge blessing for us. Also, I wrote a poem last night when finding was really slow. Here it is:
'Twas the night before P-Day
(an original by Sister Peterson with help from Sister Froerer but mostly Sister Peterson)
'Twas the night before P-Day and all through the flat,
not a creature was stirring, not even a cat.
The rubbish was piled by the bin with care, 
waiting for sisters to take it out there.
When we come home from knocking and talking to chav's,
we take off our boots and hang up our bags.
Nightly planning is different and special because
tomorrow is Monday, you know what that does!
We then follow up with Elder Narine,
he asks how we're doing, we say, "oh we're fine!"
We put on our pajamas and get ready for bed,
but sit down and have some cereal instead.
It's nearly 10:30 we turn off the lights,
Happy P-Day to all, and to all a good night!

Haha i wrote that in like 10 minutes without a pen or paper so it's not up to par. We're also working on a rap so we'll let you know when we're done. Okay, the roads here are so small that when you park your car in front of a house, you have to put 90% of your car on the sidewalk with just the 2 tires on one side hanging off. It's really inconvenient going in between cars when we're walking down the sidewalk. One day as we were knocking, this guy opens up and tells us all about Mormons and how once we've lived our lives up to missionary age in Salt Lake, they ship us off for 2 years and then we go back and marry multiple wives. And then how Joseph Smith led a massacre and how everything we teach is a piece of crap. I was laughing so hard but Sister Froerer got way heated up about it. It was so funny. 
We also met a lady who we said we were from America and she's like, "where's that?" and we told her if she had ever heard of the states and she's like, "no, how far away is it?" and i was like, "um..the ocean?" and we then figured out that she was drunk. More reasons why #The DistrictWasntFilmedInPontefract. Something else that I think is really funny is that everyWednesday, me and Sister Froerer teach a Bible class that consists of three 50+ year old men and Olivia. Things have got pretty heated lately and Peter and Geoff have been getting in to fights. We have to keep an eye on them. 
So here is why our week was a roller coaster. First of all, at District meeting we were given a Kurdish Book of Mormon because for some reason the mission office thought we asked for one, but we didn't. And we made a joke that it was revelation that we are going to teach someone who is Kurdish. YEP. Later that day we visited a woman whose husband is Kurdish. Revelation is real, folks. Then we met with Duncan who is an investigator we have that is scheduled for baptism, and as we were talking he basically refused to pray about prophets. So we were about to drop him while he was about to drop us and then out of nowhere he like begs that we keep teaching him and that he'll pray about the Book of Mormon. But then he didn't come to church because he overslept. Then we met with a man named Chris who is GOLDEN. He said the closing prayer and it was his first time praying and it was so cute. First prayers are one of my absolute favorite things about missions. Then we met with a less active Rose who has started smoking again and she told us that she wants to go to the temple! So we made her a temple pathway calendar and we're going to help her stop smoking so she can reach that goal. Then we have Carol. She's the one that we are singing at her wedding and then having a baptism right after. Turns out that she cancelled the baptism because she wants to drink on her wedding night. So that was like a shot to the heart. But we're still going to work with her and hopefully she can get baptized later this year. I also might've put a road bump in their marriage but that's a story for another time haha. But to end on a good note, Ron. We love Ron. Whenever we teach him it's a huge testimony builder for me on asking inspired questions. This past time I asked him a question and he said, "are you always going to be this difficult?" and I said, "yes I am, Ron". And then I went and layed down the law with him and said, "Ronald. I know that if you quit smoking, you will receive a testimony that Joseph Smith is a true prophet. You have to put all your faith and everything you've got in Him and He will deliver." and he looked at me and said, "Okay. I'll make that promise to you, and we'll see what happens." YES. I'm so excited for him to get his answer and pray every day that he will. Anyways, I hope you all have had a great week and I love and miss you. Keep up the good work.

1. my first authentic fish and chips

2. Sis Froerer converting a rabbit

3. the phone booths here are way dodgy so this was its best side #basic

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