Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Pontefract Sisters vs. Airedale: The Less-active Crusade

Hiya! So apparently Easter is a huge deal over here. On Good Friday, everyone and their dog goes out and gets fish and chips. And then Easter Sunday is a bank holiday. And school's out for the entire week. But when you go out and talk to all these people celebrating, none of them believe in Jesus! So that's cool. So unfortunately, i'm running out of crazy english phrases. but i do have some funny things that happened. 
First off, I bought a watch. i know, im such a nerd. i tried to hold it out as long as i possibly could (because i hate wearing watches) but sadly, as a missionary, you have to.
Secondly, this morning it was raining and i had a hot cross bun for breakfast so on a scale of 1-10, i felt very English today.
Thirdly, i sent my ipod home to get more music on it so we currently listen to mormon messages during morning exercise and lemme tell ya, theres about 2 mormon messages that could be used as a "pump up jam". and i have about 6 mormon messages completely memorized. 
Fourthly, Me and my comp have found ways to spice up missionary work and we've found that reading the white handbook in british accents every morning have made it 10x more fun than it used to be and yesterday we kicked a rock for about 2 miles in Pontefract and then picked it up and kicked it for about another mile in Castleford. That rock has seen more than it ever though it would and it makes walking more fun. We also have taken up the art of flower pressing. We have a rule that if we knock on a door and they don't answer, the flowers in their garden are free game. but flowers that are in flower pots are OFF LIMITS.
Fifthly, one of the members gave us a book called "Ee, by gum, Lord" and it's parables from the Bible in Yorkshire language. So funny.
Sixthly, one day as we were knockin' doors, we ran into this less active we didn't even know existed and she invited us for tea the next week. So yesterday we went (at 3:30 p.m. might i add) and she made us the BEST roast dinner. mmm. she's also one of the most hilarious people i've ever met. She said, and i quote, "I told them, 'You get down on your knees and pick up that red phone hotline and say WE ARE THE CHOSEN ONES AND YOU GIVE US SOME SUNSHINE and right then 6 missionaries were praying for the weather and it worked.' I wish I would've wrote down more of the funny things she said. i have a whole page of notes on my ipad of funny things i hear when we meet with people.
Seventhly, we had a Sister's Meeting this week and it was SO GOOD. Our mission president got all the sisters in the york and leeds zone and we just talked and had a Q&A about being sister missionaries. Some good things i wrote down were:
-we don't save data, we save people
-success is measured by getting up every morning and going to work
-"you've been out for this long and you've had no baptisms and only this many investigators?" -Satan
-do whatever you're asked to do and do it first class 
-misery ain't for sale here
-the clue is in the title: The Plan of HAPPINESS
President Pilkington is a Jeffrey R. Holland 2.0 and he is incredible. 
Eighthly, Sunday was supa crazy. Sister Froerer palyed prelude hymns before Sacrament, I gave the closing prayer in Sacrament meeting (that's when you know you're old), we walked into Gospel Principles and the teacher had left so we had 2 minutes to prepare a lesson and taught Sunday School, we had 10 seconds to prepare a missionary moment in relief society, and then we had 5 minutes at the end of relief society to share a spiritual thought. Good thing i'm like super prepared spiritually now or that whole day would've been a train wreck haha.
Ninthly, i hope you all had a super great week and a fun Easter. :)
Love, Sister Peterson

1. #Easter

2. Ee, by gum, Lord!

3. missionary work. gotta save those souls even if we have to climb over brick walls just to knock your door.

4. the neighborhood watch stickers look like an Einstein Bro. bagels logo 

5. Some member gave us a gummy candy pizza for Easter

6. Ponty <3

Monday, March 21, 2016


Hiya! This week was sooo good. so good. we went on an exchange in York and i didn't realize how much i LOVED Pontefract! i never want to leave this place. but York is gorgeous. We went in the Minster and it's so cute how hard the people tried back then after Christ had died! They wanted religion so bad. They just didn't have all the right tools. But the Minster is gorgeous and ginormous. 
So Ron. Missionaries knock on his door 37 years ago. HE HAS BEEN INVESTIGATING THE CHURCH FOR 37 YEARS MY FRIENDS. And we finally got him to come to church, to quit smoking, to quit drinking tea, and read the book of mormon in the last 2 months. He's read the book of mormon more times than i have actually. the only thing he's missing is he doesn't think he's got an answer to if Joseph Smith was a prophet and if the book of mormon is true. We have literally tried everything. so last week we had a killer lesson with him and told him about the story of the Children of Israel who crossed the river Jordan. They prayed to Heavenly Father to split the river so they could walk through it, but it wasn't until the first guy got his feet wet, that the river finally split. So we told Ron that he was gonna get his feet wet and go to a baptismal interview whether he has an answer or not. (bold move, i know.) But he said yes! So tomorrowaround this time, me and sister froerer will be having a complete anxiety attack while Ron is in his interview and hopefully HOPEFULLY gets his answer. The amount of time and effort and revelation we have put in to his lessons will finally pay off. I know he will get an answer because God doesn't leave us empty handed. 
Any road, wanna hear what our Saturday nights are like? We get together with 3 married men above the age of 50 and listen to them go on about their friends with lung cancer and their dying relatives. It's actually supposed to be ward coordination but it turns into like a old man's book club plus me and sis froerer. It's actually the most fun part of our week and they're like our best friends haha. 
Yesterday we went to tea at our ward mum and dad's house and we did karaoke! our ward dad is actually an incredible singer. and me and sis froerer sang My Girl. Don't worry, i got it all on video. 
Well i hope you all have a crazy good week because EASTER IS THE BEST.
Love, Sister Peterson

1. karaoke night!

2. the York Minster in all its glory

3. the inside of said Minster

4. me and comp outside Minster previously mentioned

5. Welcome to the Promised Land

Monday, March 14, 2016

I promise i'm learning something.

To start off, if you ask people what they've heard about Mormons here, they ALWAYS say Donny Osmond, it's too funny. 
Secondly, #YourWeeklyDoseOfCrazyEnglishPhrases:
hi - ay, up!
how are you? - ya alright?
they spell 'tires' with a y. example: tyres

Okay so here's the deal. I PROMISE I'M LEARNING SOMETHING OUT HERE. I feel like all my emails have been about funny stuff that's happened but I really am having such a spiritual experience out here. my favorite part of the day has to be personal study. Sometimes I wish my companion was sick so I could just stay in and read conference talks and my Book of Mormon all day long haha. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK. But sometimes it's good just to get a good pick me up from a killer conference talk. 
I have a piece of gold that I want to share with you all. It's called : Jeffrey R. Holland's first talk he ever gave in conference. It was back in 1983 and it's called "Within the Clasp of Your Arms". I can not even begin to explain the Spirit that that talk brings. Believe it or not, if you were in our flat, you would have seen a 19 year old girl crying her eyes out at 8:30 in the morning. IT'S THAT GOOD. please go read it. 
Another one of my favorite things is first prayers. When we teach Atheists or people who were raised in a church and have only said recited prayers, and they pray for the first time, wow. I have never felt happier in my entire life. To see them starting a relationship with their Heavenly Father who has missed them SO MUCH. It truly is incredible. 
We also had the opportunity to do a zone fast for Elder Narine this week. Please keep him in your prayers. He's our district leader who is in the hospital with shingles and has been sick for about 2 months. He is from Guyana and hasn't talked to his family since he left on his mission 18 months ago. Can you imagine? So please pray for him. He is an incredible missionary and an even more incredible district leader. He made me feel so welcome my first week here and he's just all around a fantastic person. We are going to go see him in the hospital today. 
Anyways, I just wanted to share a little about the time i am having here. Missions are the best and I've already built my testimony so much and continue to do so. There is nothing better I could be doing with my time. Nothing. I miss Utah but this place has become my home away from home. I love you all and hope you have a pretty darn good week. :)
Love, Sister Peterson

1. #art (also, not our church)

2. ENGLAND PRIDE, YO. ft.my way cute skirt that doesn't make me look like a grandma at all

Monday, March 7, 2016


Can you believe it?! These 2 months have gone by really slow but so fast at the same time. It makes me sad knowing I only have 16 months left but hey! that's a lot of time. 
fortnight - two weeks
dig - hotel
sitheh - are you listening?
bloak - person

Anyways, Happy Mother's Day! Yesterday was Mother's Day so church was really good and also really sad. But luckily we have a couple of temporary moms here keeping an eye out for our cute moms back home. We love Pontefract! The other day it snowed, and people were freaking out. Only 50% of the kids showed up to school that day. And I kid you not, there was an inch of snow on the ground. AND INCH. These people need to chill out. 
Also, our poor District Leader has the chicken pox so we've kinda felt like orphans this week. 
Yesterday we went to our mission mom and dad (our ward mission leader and his wife)'s house for tea yesterday and after we were done eating, his wife, who isn't a member of the church, decides that she's going to give the spiritual thought haha. So she whips out her ipad and shows us a mormon message and asks us what we got from it and what we liked about it. it was funny because her favorite mormon message was about the book of mormon and yet she claims that she "isn't reading it". mmhmm okay. so that was really fun.
We scheduled Kevin for baptism! He is hopefully getting baptized the 26th, so that was really exciting for us! This week was SO GOOD. Miracles are happenin in the York Zone. As we like to say. I love you all and hope you had amazing weeks! 
Love, Sister Peterson

1. the 'snowstorm' lol

2. rain!

3. our quote wall

4. our cute matching bedspreads

5. more snow BIGGEST SNOWFLAKES I HAVE EVER SEEN picture doesn't do it justice

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

My Big, Fat, Unplanned Wedding

So we sang at Carol's wedding this week and we sang in a really high key so it wasn't as good as we wanted but at least i can say that I've sang in a wedding in England. Also, the whole thing wasn't planned and was just thrown together last minute so that was interesting. Me and my companion went on an exchange with the York sisters and it was so fun! We had 5 people in a 2 man flat so that was claustrophobic but still way fun! I went on an exchange with the best finder in the mission and she was INTENSE. she actually ran across the street yelling at some kid who had headphones in and tried to teach him the gospel. BOLD. but i learned a ton. We also got let in while knocking yesterday which NEVER HAPPENS. This guy opened his door, yelled at us and told us that we were wasting our time and just guessing about religion and said that we had no right coming there to convert him and then all the sudden, everything changed. He said he had 20 minutes to talk, let us in, we taught him what we knew, he listened, took a book of mormon, and said he would read it AND pray about it, and we closed with a prayer. WHAT. miracles are happening.
Yesterday we went to our mom and dad's house, (our ward mission leader and his wife), and they found me on facebook and we watched the video Paula made at my farewell. It was so fun to see everyone and show them all my friends and family and to be honest, i started tearing up when they got to my mom and dad's messages. haha hey, i miss you guys! So that was so fun and it's always a blast when we go over there. We tease eachother and yell at eachother and love eachother. Pontefract rocks. 
You thought I forgot, but here it is. 
1. people who speak with a Yorkshire accent don't say the word's 'the' or 'to'. for example, "I went up shop in store and turned corner then got in car and came home." My mission call said i was "English speaking" but that was just a joke.
2. something - sommet
3. One time our friend Peter said smothecate instead of suffocate and it was really funny.

My 7 Simple Steps to preparing for a Mission:
1. watch EVERY mormon message video. and then watch them again.
2. Bring a Book of Mormon and Bible separate, DON'T bring a quad
3. if going foreign, bring american stuff, people love it
4. make all your clothes match
5. If you don't wear/use it already, DON'T BRING IT
6. bring tons of stuff for letters and your study room, like decorations and pictures
7. study, study, STUDY the first three lessons of chapter 3 in PMG. the other stuff you can read in the MTC and on your mission so don't worry about it. STUDY THE FIRST THREE LESSONS and the beginning of your mission will be 47373682 times easier

Well that's all i got for you folks but just know THIS WEEK ROCKED and you guys rock too. God bless America, and God bless you guys. 

1. One transfer down! 12 to go.

2. decorations for Carol's wedding. I'm still laughing.

3. our double date district

4. carol's wedding