Monday, March 7, 2016


Can you believe it?! These 2 months have gone by really slow but so fast at the same time. It makes me sad knowing I only have 16 months left but hey! that's a lot of time. 
fortnight - two weeks
dig - hotel
sitheh - are you listening?
bloak - person

Anyways, Happy Mother's Day! Yesterday was Mother's Day so church was really good and also really sad. But luckily we have a couple of temporary moms here keeping an eye out for our cute moms back home. We love Pontefract! The other day it snowed, and people were freaking out. Only 50% of the kids showed up to school that day. And I kid you not, there was an inch of snow on the ground. AND INCH. These people need to chill out. 
Also, our poor District Leader has the chicken pox so we've kinda felt like orphans this week. 
Yesterday we went to our mission mom and dad (our ward mission leader and his wife)'s house for tea yesterday and after we were done eating, his wife, who isn't a member of the church, decides that she's going to give the spiritual thought haha. So she whips out her ipad and shows us a mormon message and asks us what we got from it and what we liked about it. it was funny because her favorite mormon message was about the book of mormon and yet she claims that she "isn't reading it". mmhmm okay. so that was really fun.
We scheduled Kevin for baptism! He is hopefully getting baptized the 26th, so that was really exciting for us! This week was SO GOOD. Miracles are happenin in the York Zone. As we like to say. I love you all and hope you had amazing weeks! 
Love, Sister Peterson

1. the 'snowstorm' lol

2. rain!

3. our quote wall

4. our cute matching bedspreads

5. more snow BIGGEST SNOWFLAKES I HAVE EVER SEEN picture doesn't do it justice

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