Tuesday, March 1, 2016

My Big, Fat, Unplanned Wedding

So we sang at Carol's wedding this week and we sang in a really high key so it wasn't as good as we wanted but at least i can say that I've sang in a wedding in England. Also, the whole thing wasn't planned and was just thrown together last minute so that was interesting. Me and my companion went on an exchange with the York sisters and it was so fun! We had 5 people in a 2 man flat so that was claustrophobic but still way fun! I went on an exchange with the best finder in the mission and she was INTENSE. she actually ran across the street yelling at some kid who had headphones in and tried to teach him the gospel. BOLD. but i learned a ton. We also got let in while knocking yesterday which NEVER HAPPENS. This guy opened his door, yelled at us and told us that we were wasting our time and just guessing about religion and said that we had no right coming there to convert him and then all the sudden, everything changed. He said he had 20 minutes to talk, let us in, we taught him what we knew, he listened, took a book of mormon, and said he would read it AND pray about it, and we closed with a prayer. WHAT. miracles are happening.
Yesterday we went to our mom and dad's house, (our ward mission leader and his wife), and they found me on facebook and we watched the video Paula made at my farewell. It was so fun to see everyone and show them all my friends and family and to be honest, i started tearing up when they got to my mom and dad's messages. haha hey, i miss you guys! So that was so fun and it's always a blast when we go over there. We tease eachother and yell at eachother and love eachother. Pontefract rocks. 
You thought I forgot, but here it is. 
1. people who speak with a Yorkshire accent don't say the word's 'the' or 'to'. for example, "I went up shop in store and turned corner then got in car and came home." My mission call said i was "English speaking" but that was just a joke.
2. something - sommet
3. One time our friend Peter said smothecate instead of suffocate and it was really funny.

My 7 Simple Steps to preparing for a Mission:
1. watch EVERY mormon message video. and then watch them again.
2. Bring a Book of Mormon and Bible separate, DON'T bring a quad
3. if going foreign, bring american stuff, people love it
4. make all your clothes match
5. If you don't wear/use it already, DON'T BRING IT
6. bring tons of stuff for letters and your study room, like decorations and pictures
7. study, study, STUDY the first three lessons of chapter 3 in PMG. the other stuff you can read in the MTC and on your mission so don't worry about it. STUDY THE FIRST THREE LESSONS and the beginning of your mission will be 47373682 times easier

Well that's all i got for you folks but just know THIS WEEK ROCKED and you guys rock too. God bless America, and God bless you guys. 

1. One transfer down! 12 to go.

2. decorations for Carol's wedding. I'm still laughing.

3. our double date district

4. carol's wedding

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