Monday, March 21, 2016


Hiya! This week was sooo good. so good. we went on an exchange in York and i didn't realize how much i LOVED Pontefract! i never want to leave this place. but York is gorgeous. We went in the Minster and it's so cute how hard the people tried back then after Christ had died! They wanted religion so bad. They just didn't have all the right tools. But the Minster is gorgeous and ginormous. 
So Ron. Missionaries knock on his door 37 years ago. HE HAS BEEN INVESTIGATING THE CHURCH FOR 37 YEARS MY FRIENDS. And we finally got him to come to church, to quit smoking, to quit drinking tea, and read the book of mormon in the last 2 months. He's read the book of mormon more times than i have actually. the only thing he's missing is he doesn't think he's got an answer to if Joseph Smith was a prophet and if the book of mormon is true. We have literally tried everything. so last week we had a killer lesson with him and told him about the story of the Children of Israel who crossed the river Jordan. They prayed to Heavenly Father to split the river so they could walk through it, but it wasn't until the first guy got his feet wet, that the river finally split. So we told Ron that he was gonna get his feet wet and go to a baptismal interview whether he has an answer or not. (bold move, i know.) But he said yes! So tomorrowaround this time, me and sister froerer will be having a complete anxiety attack while Ron is in his interview and hopefully HOPEFULLY gets his answer. The amount of time and effort and revelation we have put in to his lessons will finally pay off. I know he will get an answer because God doesn't leave us empty handed. 
Any road, wanna hear what our Saturday nights are like? We get together with 3 married men above the age of 50 and listen to them go on about their friends with lung cancer and their dying relatives. It's actually supposed to be ward coordination but it turns into like a old man's book club plus me and sis froerer. It's actually the most fun part of our week and they're like our best friends haha. 
Yesterday we went to tea at our ward mum and dad's house and we did karaoke! our ward dad is actually an incredible singer. and me and sis froerer sang My Girl. Don't worry, i got it all on video. 
Well i hope you all have a crazy good week because EASTER IS THE BEST.
Love, Sister Peterson

1. karaoke night!

2. the York Minster in all its glory

3. the inside of said Minster

4. me and comp outside Minster previously mentioned

5. Welcome to the Promised Land

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