Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Pontefract Sisters vs. Airedale: The Less-active Crusade

Hiya! So apparently Easter is a huge deal over here. On Good Friday, everyone and their dog goes out and gets fish and chips. And then Easter Sunday is a bank holiday. And school's out for the entire week. But when you go out and talk to all these people celebrating, none of them believe in Jesus! So that's cool. So unfortunately, i'm running out of crazy english phrases. but i do have some funny things that happened. 
First off, I bought a watch. i know, im such a nerd. i tried to hold it out as long as i possibly could (because i hate wearing watches) but sadly, as a missionary, you have to.
Secondly, this morning it was raining and i had a hot cross bun for breakfast so on a scale of 1-10, i felt very English today.
Thirdly, i sent my ipod home to get more music on it so we currently listen to mormon messages during morning exercise and lemme tell ya, theres about 2 mormon messages that could be used as a "pump up jam". and i have about 6 mormon messages completely memorized. 
Fourthly, Me and my comp have found ways to spice up missionary work and we've found that reading the white handbook in british accents every morning have made it 10x more fun than it used to be and yesterday we kicked a rock for about 2 miles in Pontefract and then picked it up and kicked it for about another mile in Castleford. That rock has seen more than it ever though it would and it makes walking more fun. We also have taken up the art of flower pressing. We have a rule that if we knock on a door and they don't answer, the flowers in their garden are free game. but flowers that are in flower pots are OFF LIMITS.
Fifthly, one of the members gave us a book called "Ee, by gum, Lord" and it's parables from the Bible in Yorkshire language. So funny.
Sixthly, one day as we were knockin' doors, we ran into this less active we didn't even know existed and she invited us for tea the next week. So yesterday we went (at 3:30 p.m. might i add) and she made us the BEST roast dinner. mmm. she's also one of the most hilarious people i've ever met. She said, and i quote, "I told them, 'You get down on your knees and pick up that red phone hotline and say WE ARE THE CHOSEN ONES AND YOU GIVE US SOME SUNSHINE and right then 6 missionaries were praying for the weather and it worked.' I wish I would've wrote down more of the funny things she said. i have a whole page of notes on my ipad of funny things i hear when we meet with people.
Seventhly, we had a Sister's Meeting this week and it was SO GOOD. Our mission president got all the sisters in the york and leeds zone and we just talked and had a Q&A about being sister missionaries. Some good things i wrote down were:
-we don't save data, we save people
-success is measured by getting up every morning and going to work
-"you've been out for this long and you've had no baptisms and only this many investigators?" -Satan
-do whatever you're asked to do and do it first class 
-misery ain't for sale here
-the clue is in the title: The Plan of HAPPINESS
President Pilkington is a Jeffrey R. Holland 2.0 and he is incredible. 
Eighthly, Sunday was supa crazy. Sister Froerer palyed prelude hymns before Sacrament, I gave the closing prayer in Sacrament meeting (that's when you know you're old), we walked into Gospel Principles and the teacher had left so we had 2 minutes to prepare a lesson and taught Sunday School, we had 10 seconds to prepare a missionary moment in relief society, and then we had 5 minutes at the end of relief society to share a spiritual thought. Good thing i'm like super prepared spiritually now or that whole day would've been a train wreck haha.
Ninthly, i hope you all had a super great week and a fun Easter. :)
Love, Sister Peterson

1. #Easter

2. Ee, by gum, Lord!

3. missionary work. gotta save those souls even if we have to climb over brick walls just to knock your door.

4. the neighborhood watch stickers look like an Einstein Bro. bagels logo 

5. Some member gave us a gummy candy pizza for Easter

6. Ponty <3

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