Monday, April 25, 2016

Suns Out, Burns Out

This week was SO HOT. I got sunburnt on my face really bad on Tuesday and it still hasn't gone away. But it's better than rain and snow so i'm not complaining. 

This week I decided to do a sequel on #YourWeeklyDoseOfCrazyEnglishPhrases and change it to #TheCrazyEnglishPhrasesINowSay. So here is a list of things I now and say and will probably say when i get back home:
I'm not bothered
Bless you (not what you say after you sneeze btw)
Sorry? (instead of "what?")

This place grows on you. Something that I learned this week was that saying D&C instead of Doctrine and Covenants is SUPER offensive. I said it in a lesson and this guy told me for like 10 minutes why I shouldn't say it. So I won't be saying that anymore. Also, I'm teaching my companion the American accent when we read the white handbook out loud every morning and it's hilarious. 

Miracle of the week:
We basically are only teaching Ron right now and we've really struggled finding people to teach and last week was really rough. Sister Cockburn actually said "I don't know what we're supposed to learn here but I think we're supposed to learn something." and it made me laugh because it was so true. So on Saturday the York sisters came down and did finding with us for 2 hours. They were supposed to come at 12:30 but there was traffic so they didn't come until 1 and for that half hour me and Sister Cockburn just were not in the mood to find. We had no energy and were really discouraged so we decided to pray and ask Heavenly Father if we should go to the castle and find or if we should knock. We both felt strongly after that we should go to the castle. On our way to the castle, we ran into this guy that had met the missionaries before and was open to hear from us again and we got a return appointment! And then we kept walking towards the castle and talked to this guy standing outside his house with his dog and he said he was in a rock band so we asked if he could play something on his guitar for us and he let us in! He is INCREDIBLE at the guitar and he played for us and then let us hold his pet tortoise and we got another return appointment! And THEN, I went knocking with Sister Koepf and we got 5 more potentials. It was one of the best days of my mission and it all started with being discouraged and saying a prayer. So whenever you're discouraged, SAY A PRAYER. 
But wait, that's not all. 
Yesterday we had 1 hour before we went to tea and decided to try by 2 former investigators from like 2010. We went to both of their houses, neither of them live there anymore, but the 2 people who live there now, were both really interested and we got return appointments from both of them! (one of them is actually best friends with the bishop) 

So moral of the story, missions are really hard but after you've gone through the hard part, you forget about why it was hard and you just keep going. I am so grateful to be here and love it every day. Have a good week everyone :)

love, Sister Peterson

1. Hugo the tortoise.  (sorry about my weird facial expression i was kinda nervous)

2. haha the only picture me and Sis Cockburn have of eachother. this is also featuring a prize-winning american bulldog.

Monday, April 18, 2016


or as Brenna Lawson would say, GREENIE BUSTEDDDD. i am finally a real missionary now. basically, i dont have to do an hour of training every morning which is so great cause that got old way fast haha. can you believe its been 3 MONTHS. i'm already on my third transfer and after that, i only have 10 left :( but i am definitely enjoying every day as it comes. 

This week I got split up from my best friend. Sis Froerer got moved to Doncaster and is area book training! Which means she is training a new missionary in an area she's never been. Bless her. I pray for her a lot cause I can't imagine how hard that would be but she can basically do anything. I miss her a ton though! We had a lesson with Ron the day before she left and he told us: "If i had granddaughters, I'd want them to be just like you two."  Ron doesnt give compliments so i definitely wrote that in my journal. 

So you know all that praying i've asked you to do for Ron? It's paying off! He asked us what he'll wear to his baptism and if he can wear shoes in the font. He's NEVER asked that before. And he has no more concerns, he just wants us to come over and go over his BOM reading with him. i was terrified with Sis Froerer leaving becuase Ron knows the Bible like the back of his hand, and so does Sis Forerer so they could just talk all day about it and then after i'd step in with the lesson and stuff. But now he has no questions about the Bible and just wants to talk about the BOM which I can definitely do. We challenged him to pick a baptismal date with the Lord and not tell us and he has. And now i'm really mad we told him he didn't have to tell us because I really want to know. So every time I see him i ask about the date and im hoping to squeeze it out of him soon. He said he'll tell me before transfers in 7 weeks but im hoping to annoy him with my persistence. 

The fire alarm went off in the church yesterday because someone left the oven on so we all had to stand outside for like a half hour because no one knew how to turn it off. The oven is fine but good thing England fire fighters aren't concerned because we sure were haha. 

I'm sure i've mentioned this before but I LOVE PONTEFRACT. No matter what happens or what hard times i'm going through there is always someone in the ward who can cheer me up and makes me feel at home. I never want to leave this place and am grateful for every day I get to spend here. 

This week I have learned so much. I'm leading the area with a new companion so I've been flying solo on a lot of things but it's made me grow and rely on the Lord more than I ever had so I am so grateful for the experience. My new companion is Sister Cockburn and She's from New Zealand and we've had a lot of fun. I hope you all have had a great week too!

Love, Sister Peterson

1. England and their tiny roads

2. a day at the castle with our good friend Peter

Monday, April 4, 2016


hahaha so sorry i totally didn't even explain the subject of my last email and RON. so, Ron passed his baptismal interview!! He just doesnt want to get baptized yet. we call him an eternagator. (eternal investigator). one day. and we basically walked around the entire village of airedale last sunday looking for less actives so thats why i called it that.

WASNT CONFERENCE THE BEST. i havent watched the last session yet but i absolutely loved it. It seemed different to me this year for some reason. maybe because a lot of the speakers were 70's i had never heard of but it was still SO GOOD. 

Also, from now on, DO NOT SEND ANYTHING TO MY FLAT ADDRESS. SEND IT ALL TO THE MISSION HOME. transfers are this week (im freaking out about it) and so i dont know where ill be. 

This week was so stressful but so good. We have gone to York 3 days in a row and have to go 3 more days this week. Which sucks because its a 2 hour train ride there and a 2 hour train ride back. I mean, the train rides are so pretty but after a while i get train sick. 

We had a zone training and our mission presidents wife gave a talk about "nevertheless". How in 1 Nephi 1, Nephi could have started the book of mormon with saying a bunch of crap about laman and lemuel and how hard his life was, but instead he just says a few simple things and says "nevertheless". because no matter whatever bad things happen, we can just say "nevertheless" and move on. 

I don't have much to say this week but that i love England and I love you guys. Cheers!
Sister Peterson

1. The church's here are HUGE

2. new clothes from our lovely Jill

3. Our clubbing outfits (woop woop)

4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JILL! (ft. our amazing Victoria Sponge we made from scratch)