Monday, April 4, 2016


hahaha so sorry i totally didn't even explain the subject of my last email and RON. so, Ron passed his baptismal interview!! He just doesnt want to get baptized yet. we call him an eternagator. (eternal investigator). one day. and we basically walked around the entire village of airedale last sunday looking for less actives so thats why i called it that.

WASNT CONFERENCE THE BEST. i havent watched the last session yet but i absolutely loved it. It seemed different to me this year for some reason. maybe because a lot of the speakers were 70's i had never heard of but it was still SO GOOD. 

Also, from now on, DO NOT SEND ANYTHING TO MY FLAT ADDRESS. SEND IT ALL TO THE MISSION HOME. transfers are this week (im freaking out about it) and so i dont know where ill be. 

This week was so stressful but so good. We have gone to York 3 days in a row and have to go 3 more days this week. Which sucks because its a 2 hour train ride there and a 2 hour train ride back. I mean, the train rides are so pretty but after a while i get train sick. 

We had a zone training and our mission presidents wife gave a talk about "nevertheless". How in 1 Nephi 1, Nephi could have started the book of mormon with saying a bunch of crap about laman and lemuel and how hard his life was, but instead he just says a few simple things and says "nevertheless". because no matter whatever bad things happen, we can just say "nevertheless" and move on. 

I don't have much to say this week but that i love England and I love you guys. Cheers!
Sister Peterson

1. The church's here are HUGE

2. new clothes from our lovely Jill

3. Our clubbing outfits (woop woop)

4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JILL! (ft. our amazing Victoria Sponge we made from scratch)

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