Monday, May 16, 2016

May 24th!!!



here's what happened:

(keep in mind he knows transfers are May 31st and he thinks i'm leaving)

we went into the lesson and we all knew that baptism was the white elephant in the room, but we kept it cool. He told us about his week and we told him about ours blah blah blah and then BAM. he goes "so the week before you leave." and i said, "the week before i leave what?" and he just says "the week before you leave. that's when we'll do it." only RON HUBY would be casual about baptism, my word. But so we picked a date together and set up an interview and IT'S ACTUALLY HAPPENING!! this time it's for real because we left it all up to Ron and he actually said he is "delighted" to be baptized. It was such a cool experience and at the end of the lesson he looks at me and says: "did you ever think we'd make it here?" and i was like, "No, Ron, I honestly didn't." haha we joke but I really am SO proud of him and SO lucky to be able to be here while he makes this step towards his loving Heavenly Father. 

Also, My comp is from New Zealand and she calls waffle fries: net chips. and rice crispies: rice bubbles. and sometimes her accent is so thick that when she tells me things i have to ask her to spell it out hahah. and then after we always say "language barrier". she is SO funny. when we're doing 'dodgy-late-night-street-contacting' and she gets bored, she'll just pretend she's hosting a talk show and if i say anything, she'll just apologize at how daft her coworker is haha it cracks me up. 

SUCH A GOOD WEEK. I hope you all enjoyed it too :) Love you!

Love, Sister Peterson

1. some more ponty 

2. my comp in her natural habitat

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