Monday, June 27, 2016

sorry sorry sorry

Hiya everyone! So i dont have a lot of time today because it's President's last monday and our last letter to him and i have a lot to write. But just know im doing great and loving it here in England :) To make up for this pathetic email, i hope you'll enjoy these pictures of kittens i became friends with the other day. LOVE YA.

Sis Pete

Monday, June 13, 2016

5 Months

Can you believe it's already been more than 5 months? July is slowly creeping up and it scares me. Time goes sooo fast.

On Monday we went to the Alnwick castle and it was BEAUTIFUL. I am still amazed everyday by how beautiful this place is. We have a car every other week and just driving from village to village I feel like I'm in a movie. 

We had zone conference and got to hear from President Pilkington (future Jeffrey R. Holland) and he talked about service and giving and compared it to the Dead Sea and the Galilean Sea. They both get water from the same river. The Galilean Sea is gorgeous. If you look up pictures, you'll see. And the reason is because when water comes into it, there is an outlet for the water to go out so things are constantly getting cleansed and getting more life. However, the Dead sea is lifeless and full of salt because there is no outlet for the water to go so it just sits there and collects salt and looks terrible. It is just like in service, if we don't give, we don't live. So give and live! That something I definitely need to work on. 

If you get the chance, please read Finding Joy in the Journey from general conference October 2008. SO GOOD. you wont regret it. 

Well, i was sick this week so not much else happened but it was a great week anyways. i got to go on exchange with my beff Sister Koephf which was a blast. Newcastle is also very pretty, but not as pretty as Alnwick. :)

Anyways, have a great week! Love, Sister Peterson

Alnwick Castle. they had 'flying lessons' that you could do. the Chinese elders really enjoyed it haha.

Downton abbey was filmed here so they had a bunch of cool stuff on display. I wasn't too interested but my mom would've been

The harry potter gift shop was insane. i spent way too much money and I'm not even a huge fan haha.

Monday, June 6, 2016

My call to Hogwarts

Guys, Alnwick is gorgeous. It's like a giant Ackworth except you dont know what that looks like so it's like a giant LaCaille and if you dont know what that is, just know it is beautiful. 

So, saying goodbye to Ron was one of the hardest things I've ever done. I never cry, okay. I said goodbye to everyone else in Pontefract, some of my best friends and didn't shed a tear. But then we went to Ron's and had our last lesson and I was doing just great, he told me the impact I had on him and thanked me for everything and we gave him a frame with our picture of his baptism in it and it was a really great time. And then he said the closing prayer and I lost it. He basically thanked Heavenly Father for sending me to him and how sad he was that we had to say goodbye. I just started bawling. I feel like I had a child and then left and now I don't get to see him take his first steps or say his first words. Ron is going to get the priesthood this month, take the sacrament for the first time as a member, and go to the temple. AND I'M MISSING IT. I know it doesnt really matter, but it just meant a lot to me. 

Anyways, my new companion is Sister Jager and she is German. She's not very German for being a German though cause she's SO NICE. And we're a lot alike so its good :) She looks JUST like Jeni though it kinda weirds me out. On my way to Alnwick I met up with some of the Elders from the MTC that i havent seen in ages so that was so fun :) And one of my favorite Sisters ever, Sister Koepf, is up here with me! She was in my district serving in York and now she's serving in New Castle which is in my zone so i love seeing her sometimes :) 

This Wednesday is President's LAST zone conference and im so excited. im devastated that he's leaving but zone conferences are the best. I have to say the opening prayer in front of like 150 missionaries but its fine.

The only downside of Alnwick is that the people here are super posh so they're super #notbothered. But we still found some cool people this week so im excited for this transfer. 

I love you all and wish you the best!

Love, Sister Peterson

1-4: saying goodbye to my Ponty Pals
5: the Harry Potter castle im going to today
6. Alnwick
7: doesnt she look like Jeni?
8-9: the beach! this is the North Sea

10: more Alnwick

Man, what a week

Well, the moment you've all been waiting for...
(Ron is on the left, Phillip on the right)

Ron's baptism was absolutely perfect. He was smiling the entire time and said he felt "a stone lighter" :) Our mission president said that it was "the greatest baptism in the entire history of the mission". SUCH AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE. Sister Froerer was crying the whole time haha but the Spirit really was so strong. 

Ron told us after that when he was put under the water, he kept his eyes open just to make sure he went all the way under. How cute is that? He said the rest of that day he just kept reliving it in his head because he couldnt believe it actually happened. And now he wants the priesthood! Unfortunately I wont be able to be here for that because.... I'm getting transferred.

I got the call last night that I'm headed to Alnwick! (pronounced Annek).I am Marching North! Its about 200 miles north. Im a little nervous and SO sad to leave my family in Pontefract, but it will be good. Im a little excited haha. Well, until next week. Love you all!

Love, Sister Peterson

1. THE SQUAD. the Zone Leaders are our best friends :)
2. Reuntied with my Pontefract twin
3. sleepover in York
4. more of Ron's baptism
5. The York/Selby/Pontefract district
6. Recent con-Ron