Monday, July 25, 2016

And you get....A BRAND NEW CAR

So last week I got to read all my mission friends' weekly emails and
discovered I am the most boring human being. I realized how weak and
uninteresting my emails have been so this week I came prepared and

So our teaching pool up here in Alnwick is at an all time low of zero.
We've been doing LOADS of finding every week and get all these
potentials but they're either not home when we go by or just not
bothered. People are just too happy with money, ya know? I know
Heavenly Father is just testing my patience and "after a trial of your
faith great things come to pass". This seems to be quite a long 30 day
free trial though.

NEVERTHELESS, we did have a crazy miracle finding hour on Wednesday.
We had an hour to knock this one street and on one side of the street
people were either not bothered or not home but we did get one
potential out of it. And then we knocked the other side of the street
and we knocked on this door and got a potential, moved to the next
door and got a potential, moved to the next door and got a potential,
knocked on the NEXT door and no one was home, but then we knocked on
the next door and got another potential. This street had like 30 doors
and we've never had that much success in such a small street, it was
unreal. In Zone Training this week we focused a lot on finding "just
one". Our Zone Leaders want each companionship in the zone to just
find one person this next month that we can invite to be baptized. And
I know that as we sift through each of these new potentials we will be
able to find that "one". Fingers crossed.

So to explain my heading, WE GOT A BRAND NEW CAR. So I was kinda a
punk and was frustrated at all the time we lost 2 weeks ago when we
didn't have a car and were stranded in a village for 3 hours and many,
many other instances. So I told Sister Jäger to email President on
Pday and just explain how ineffective we are without a car and a bunch
of stuff (without sounding like complaining) and I would do the same
and then we'd see what happened. President emailed us back last week
and said he'd work something out and on Tuesday, WE GOT A BRAND NEW
snob but if you saw how big Alnwick's area is, you'd understand. So we
got our Christmas in July 🎅🏼 We are already so excited about all the
places we get to go now and find more people. YAY.

Since I've come to Alnwick I've learned so much about missionary work.
It's true when they say that if you love the people you'll love your
mission. I feel like my time in Pontefract just flew by because I
absolutely loved every minute of it. I loved the area, my companions,
and especially the people. Moving to Alnwick was kinda a hard
adjustment (and I still miss my Ponty pals) but I really am growing to
love the people here. The branch is very small but they have huge
hearts and I've never seen Christlike service like I have here. It's
fun when you get these moments where you just love being a missionary
and love what you get to do everyday. I'm so lucky.

So like I said, our Zone has been focusing on just finding one person
to invite into the church and on Tuesday we had a Priesthood Auxiliary
Meeting with all the members of the stake that hold leadership
positions and it was really, really good. It was all about member
missionary work and it's something I never thought about back home. In
the handbook it says that missionaries aren't supposed to find people
to teach, members are supposed to find people for the missionaries to
teach. We watched a video that I'm sure you've seen before about the
young man who didn't want to be alone in young mens so he invited a
friend to church who invited a friend to church and after a while 26
boys were baptized and active members in the church. Just by one young
man inviting a friend. It's that simple! So I challenge all of you to
find one person this year for the missionaries to teach. Just one! All
it takes is opening your mouth and inviting someone to a church
activity or a meal appointment with the missionaries or really
anything. And just remember if you don't open your mouth, the answer
is already no. The missionaries need your help and everyone deserves
an opportunity to hear this message that brings so much happiness. Are
you happy and grateful you have the gospel in your life? Why shouldn't
someone else get that same happiness? I know that if you pray and ask
Heavenly Father for a missionary opportunity He will give it to you.
In fact He's just waiting for you to ask. So in the words of Nike,
just do it.

Real quick, I strongly, strongly suggest you go watch Jeffrey R.
Holland's talk he gave in October 2012 called The First Great
Commandment. I watched it as a pump up jam the other morning and I
think everyone should watch it every now and then. (If you can't watch
it, then read it. But if you watch it you get the full effect.)

Well that's all for me. Sorry it was crazy long but sometimes I forget
that I should share more things than just the weather and scenery.
Have a great week!

Love, Sister Peterson

Sister Jäger dropped her camera and went to go grab it so here is a
dodgy picture of me and the district haha

Amble Marina

 Zone training #nuffsaid

Monday, July 18, 2016

"I'm just dying right now, but besides that I'm fine."

A famous quote from Sister Jager this week but I can definitely relate. 

So in our mission we have a weekly goal for every week of 16 finding hours and 10 lessons. This week we did 32 finding hours and 12 lessons. At the end of the day I have to sit and rub my feet for a while to get circulation back in them haha. MISSIONARY WORK IS THE BEST. It's funny because while we are literally out knocking doors and finding all day, talking to strangers, and running to lessons, I can't help but just love it. 

It's crazy how much the mission changes you. I'm reading the talk "The Fourth Missionary" and I loved when he said: "The purpose and central blessing of life is change. It is to be changed to become more like Jesus Christ. It is to incorporate into your character, the qualities of His character. It is to move from one degree of intelligence and capacity to the next, and from there to the next, until you see God face to face and know Him as He knows you." WOW. Change means that you're doing something right. I've always hated change and I used to love to stay in my comfort zone but now I understand that if you're not moving, you're not living the Gospel of Jesus Christ because repentance means change! And that's something I really had to learn out here. 

President Pilkington was describing me to our district one time and said that back home the only word that would come to my mind was 'terror' when thinking about talking to strangers. And in his exact words he said: "Now she's hunting them down!" haha which is kinda true. I'm a lot better at stopping strangers on the street and talking about God then I am teaching a member lesson. But hey! everyone's different.

Speaking of district meetings, my district leader has this new thing now that in the middle of district meetings every week we have a 'Musical Item' which is basically just me playing the piano for 5 minutes while everyone sits and listens. I LOVE IT. i used to be terrified of playing in front of people but now i play in sacrament every week so i've gotten over that fear.

Missions and this Church are about change and you just gotta go with what life gives you. 

I love you all, but God loves you more. :)
Love, Sister Peterson

My mini me

Another kitten to bless your day

Monday, July 11, 2016

My July in the Rain

yeah, it is has rained every. single. day. this. week. The thing about England is that you don't ask if it's going to be rainy or sunny tomorrow (dumb question) you ask if it's going to be wet or dry. because dry rainy weather i can do. its just the wet rainy weather that isn't too fun. luckily this week it has been cloudy, rainy, and dry so that was good! Also, i hope you noticed I was quoting a He is We song.

So Holy Island was INCREDIBLE. the fact that after a certain time the road that goes to holy island is completely covered in water just blows my mind. ill explain in the pictures below. we couldn't go inside the castle though cause someone rented it out for a wedding (pretty normal, right? haha) but it was beautiful to look at.

can you believe it's been 6 months?? that went so fast. I'm trying not to think about it though cause it makes me sad. i love england!

Our Fourth of July was pretty lame actually. We just went to the chapel in Newcastle and watched Hercules and Mulan with a bunch of missionaries and shouted "independence" every now and then. I did wear red, white, and blue though! and there was ice cream. 

Well have a great week and enjoy America!!

Love, Sister Peterson

Holy Island

Everything outside the window is covered in water after about 7 p.m. People get stuck there all the time in their cars trying to make it back and if they don't make it back before the water comes up, a helicopter comes or they sleep in their car. One time missionaries didn't make it back on time and had to sleep in their car so now the mission president is super strict about us going there haha. 

Typical England :)

Monday, July 4, 2016

The ELM Apostasy

Three years ago, President and Sister Pilkington were born leaders into the ELM. During their time here, they taught over 550 missionaries basic principles such as: fun finding, first class, nevertheless, spinning plates, and many other teachings that would bring lasting happiness to those that heeded their words. They loved the missionaries and the missionaries loved them. However, the day quickly came when it was time for them to head home and return to their loved ones. The mission felt the weight of their departure. This began the ELM Apostasy. The missionaries still remember the teachings of President and Sister Pilkington, they continued to use their books of finding and 7 simple steps to success and baptismal pathways, but the main source that taught those truths was gone and it was a great time of leadership darkness. 

Nevertheless, Heavenly father reached out to His missionaries once again. He called two great leaders, President and Sister Turvey, to preside over the England Leeds Mission, the greatest mission in the universe. Although we will never forget the sacrifice, love, teachings, and friendship we received from the Pilkingtons, we would like them to know that the mission is in great hands and we will honor and serve them the best we can. We will forever continue to keep Marching North. 

I wrote that sad story and sent it to President Pilkington last week haha i hope he liked it :) 

Last Monday some members took us to Holy Island and it was so incredible. We met the new mission president and his wife last week and each of us got to spend one minute with them and get a picture with them and in that 60 seconds i managed to tell them that i went trick-or-treating the Halloween before i came on my mission and had hot chocolate and donuts from the rich houses around the Drape Temple. So i guess that goes to show how good i am at first impressions haha. Well this week was great and i am excited for this next one. Love you all!

Love, Sister Peterson

P.s. spend the fourth of July in England: check.

P.P.s i accidentally forgot my camera cord so pictures will come next week :(