Monday, July 11, 2016

My July in the Rain

yeah, it is has rained every. single. day. this. week. The thing about England is that you don't ask if it's going to be rainy or sunny tomorrow (dumb question) you ask if it's going to be wet or dry. because dry rainy weather i can do. its just the wet rainy weather that isn't too fun. luckily this week it has been cloudy, rainy, and dry so that was good! Also, i hope you noticed I was quoting a He is We song.

So Holy Island was INCREDIBLE. the fact that after a certain time the road that goes to holy island is completely covered in water just blows my mind. ill explain in the pictures below. we couldn't go inside the castle though cause someone rented it out for a wedding (pretty normal, right? haha) but it was beautiful to look at.

can you believe it's been 6 months?? that went so fast. I'm trying not to think about it though cause it makes me sad. i love england!

Our Fourth of July was pretty lame actually. We just went to the chapel in Newcastle and watched Hercules and Mulan with a bunch of missionaries and shouted "independence" every now and then. I did wear red, white, and blue though! and there was ice cream. 

Well have a great week and enjoy America!!

Love, Sister Peterson

Holy Island

Everything outside the window is covered in water after about 7 p.m. People get stuck there all the time in their cars trying to make it back and if they don't make it back before the water comes up, a helicopter comes or they sleep in their car. One time missionaries didn't make it back on time and had to sleep in their car so now the mission president is super strict about us going there haha. 

Typical England :)

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