Monday, July 4, 2016

The ELM Apostasy

Three years ago, President and Sister Pilkington were born leaders into the ELM. During their time here, they taught over 550 missionaries basic principles such as: fun finding, first class, nevertheless, spinning plates, and many other teachings that would bring lasting happiness to those that heeded their words. They loved the missionaries and the missionaries loved them. However, the day quickly came when it was time for them to head home and return to their loved ones. The mission felt the weight of their departure. This began the ELM Apostasy. The missionaries still remember the teachings of President and Sister Pilkington, they continued to use their books of finding and 7 simple steps to success and baptismal pathways, but the main source that taught those truths was gone and it was a great time of leadership darkness. 

Nevertheless, Heavenly father reached out to His missionaries once again. He called two great leaders, President and Sister Turvey, to preside over the England Leeds Mission, the greatest mission in the universe. Although we will never forget the sacrifice, love, teachings, and friendship we received from the Pilkingtons, we would like them to know that the mission is in great hands and we will honor and serve them the best we can. We will forever continue to keep Marching North. 

I wrote that sad story and sent it to President Pilkington last week haha i hope he liked it :) 

Last Monday some members took us to Holy Island and it was so incredible. We met the new mission president and his wife last week and each of us got to spend one minute with them and get a picture with them and in that 60 seconds i managed to tell them that i went trick-or-treating the Halloween before i came on my mission and had hot chocolate and donuts from the rich houses around the Drape Temple. So i guess that goes to show how good i am at first impressions haha. Well this week was great and i am excited for this next one. Love you all!

Love, Sister Peterson

P.s. spend the fourth of July in England: check.

P.P.s i accidentally forgot my camera cord so pictures will come next week :(

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