Monday, August 22, 2016

My companion's actually not Chinese.

Well, she speaks Chinese. But she's from Taiwan.

    She's actually the cutest little ball of sunshine I've ever met.
It was so strange, as soon as I heard the transfer call I just felt a
huge amount of love for her and I hadn't even met her yet. And I've
never had that before, I'm usually terrified or scared or sad when
transfers come but I was just so excited to meet her and just love
her. Ah, she's the best.

    So on missions, when you're sleep deprived or haven't had a good
nights sleep in a couple days, you can't just take a day and catch up
or sleep in. It just kinda adds on to the sleep deprivation you've
accumulated your whole mission and it's INCREDIBLE that your body
still functions and the amount of energy you have every day. This week
has just been chaos.
Sunday: transfer calls didn't come till 11 pm
Monday: slept over in Newcastle with our STL's and China and got no sleep
Tuesday: transfers, left the flat at 7 am, traveled 2 hours back to
Alnwick on the bus
Wednesday: woke up at 5:30, traveled 2 hours back to Newcastle and
then traveled 2 hours back to Alnwick, exhausted.
But hey, I can sleep in a year.

    Something fun we do now is language study because Sister Chiu
(pronounced "Cho") is learning English and it's a good thing I've been
a grammar nazi my whole life cause it's really been testing my English
too. She just reads the Book of Mormon out loud to me and writes me a
short essay about something. The other day I made her write me an
essay about panda bears. Now I can say panda bear in Chinese. She's
actually been teaching me a lot of Chinese and now I can properly
introduce myself and you might as well change my mission call to
Chinese Speaking ๐ŸŽŽ She's added a couple words to her vocabulary since
she's been around me. She's added: exhausted, starving, and freezing.
She says I'm very dramatic haha.

    DRIVING. I had my lessons on Thursday and I had to drive for 2
hours with an instructor to make sure that it's safe for me to drive
in England. My instructor was so cool. He's taught missionaries before
how to drive so the first thing he said when he got in the car was
"don't even try to convert me." Haha he probably said that like 40
times the whole lesson. It was so interesting because he'd say that
when I knew he was feeling the Spirit. We'd be talking about literally
anything (money, cars, family) and when I'd ask him questions and he'd
start feeling comfortable he'd yell, "No, no, no! Don't try and
convert me!" And I'd be like, "we're just talking about money!" But
the Spirit speaks to those in ways they will recognise it. ๐Ÿ˜

    But really, driving over here is one of the funnest things I've
ever done. And it's been 7 1/2 months since I've even touched a
steering wheel so I forgot how much I love driving and how much I've
missed it. You know that scene in Harry Potter where he's in a magic
bus and it squeezes in between two buses? That's how I feel 80% of the
time. Just squeezing through everyones cars and trying to drive on
these tiny roads. But it's like a game so I enjoy it. On Saturday we
were driving home from Seahouses at night and there was no one on the
road and the weather was beautiful and the scenery was amazing with
rolling green hills and sheep and cow pastures and trees everywhere
and I was driving in Northern England in one of the most beautiful
counties with the road all to myself. I could've driven around forever

    Our favourite approach this week is when we go knocking, Sister
Chiu hides behind a bush and when they open the door, I say, "If a
book fell from the sky, would you read it?" And then Sister Chiu
throws a Book of Mormon and I catch it and every time IT WORKS.

Yesterday at church, one of our members, Jenny, ran up to me and said
that when she stayed at her sisters house this summer the missionaries
came over and one of them was Sister Du! She was a sister who was in
my MTC group that's serving in the Manchester mission. She wrote me a
little note and gave it to Jenny to give to me. What a tender mercy ❤️

Well it's been a great week and I can't complain. Love ya loads.
Sista Pete

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