Monday, September 5, 2016

I am running out of email subject lines

My redemption email for last week's negligence starts now:

We were knocking in Rothbury one day and asking people what historic
places there are to see there and there's this place called Craigside
where this guy was the first one to have electricity in his home from
these 5 lakes he built and the King came and stayed with him for a
while so he made a whole new wing for him and he was impressed because
this guy made him a sink with cold and warm water and they didn't even
have that option in Buckingham Palace yet. Pretty neat.

So the zone lords (zone leaders) called us this week and they were
like, "so we need you to do us a favor for zone conference, it's
something that you have a lot of experience with and you know a lot
about and we would really love to hear your testimony on." And I was
like, "okay.. What is it?" And they said, "can you give a 5 minute
talk on how all the rejection you've gotten on your mission has made
you work harder as a missionary?" Hahah THANKS. Im glad I get to speak
on something I know so much about. 🙃

This week we took a member, Laura, out with us to teach a lesson.
She's 19 and is living at home for the summer. The person we meant to
go see wasn't there so we decided to take her finding with us which I
have NEVER DONE. I've heard some missionaries would take members
finding with them but it just sounded so awkward to me and I was like
"yeah never doing that".  But it actually was way fun! We went
knocking and we met some very opinionated people and Laura is studying
to become a lawyer so it was INTENSE. We had so much fun and she
really enjoyed it which was the most important thing. Maybe we'll do
it again.

"I want to climb the sky."
"His arm is bigger than my body!"
"English is funny. You use positive words to describe negative things."
"why are you taking its clothes off?"
"I don't think they will be generous."
"China got independence from themselves because their empower was so drossy."

"On your mission you learn how to be a missionary and when you know
how to be a missionary they send you home so you can be a missionary
at home."

"Have you ever prayed and asked God for forgiveness?"
"Oh yeah yeah yeah nearly every time I go to prison."

This week we went on exchange in Newcastle again and it was the
funnest 2 days of my life. Other than that, life has been good and I'm
happy. Keep it real.

💛 Sista Pete
My companions obsession with fire part 2

The Newcastle sisters had a ukulele and I almost cried #selfie

Called To Serve in Chinese 🎎

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