Monday, September 26, 2016

Swinter Syndrome

SWINTER SYNDROME: we wake up and it's raining. We go out and it's a little chilly but slightly sunny. By 2 pm it's blazing hot and I'm roasting in the warm clothes I put on that morning. By 5 pm it's freezing and the warm clothes come in handy again. 

Sister Chui and I were going somewhere and she had to help me back out of a parking space we were in and when she got in the car I said thank you and she said, "A PIECE OF CAKE!" And I was like, "what?" And she said, "isn't that what you guys say to people when they help you?" After a few minutes of discussion I found out she meant to say it was a piece of cake and in Taiwan they just teach people to say "a piece of cake" haha. 

I can now say I've been to two funerals and a wedding on my mission. 


Here's a quick story for ya. 
So on Thursday night Sister Chiu and I came in to have language study. We then did our nightly planning, got ready for bed, and at 10:30 the lights were out and we laid our little heads down on our pillows to have a good nights sleep. Everything was going just swimmingly until the unthinkable happened. Sister Chiu got up to get the phone to plug it in to charge and she was scrambling around for a minute and then came in the room and said "I left it in my pocket." Thinking she met her pocket in the flat I just thought to myself: "Cool. Why are you telling me?" But then I heard her open the front door and go out to the car and then all of the sudden a wave of terror came over me. We never followed up with Elder Greener. He never got our key indicators. IT'S 10:35 PM AND THE PHONE HAS BEEN IN THE CAR ALL NIGHT. I suddenly got a flash back of when my trainer told me about a pair of sisters whose phone died and they didn't follow up with their district leader so the AP's drove out to their area and knocked on their door thinking that they were missing and to see if they were okay. So I got up and ran to the front door when Sister Chiu walked up while looking at the phone and said, "We have 11 missed calls." Crap. Someone's definitely on their way to see if we're okay. Sister Chiu and I frantically called everyone back telling them we were fine and unfortunately the zone leaders were already on their way and had almost gotten here and had to turn back. President and Sister Turvey were worried and were glad to know we were safe. WE FELT AWFUL. It took us about 2 hours to fall asleep because we just felt terrible. Never ever again will I ever forget to follow up 😭


The lineup for Mission Conference speakers next month will be...

President Russell M. Nelson of the Quorum of the Twelve, Elder Donald L. Hallstrom of the Presidency of the Seventy, Bishop Gerald Causse, Presiding Bishop, Elder Patrick Kearon, Europe Area President, and Elder Gary B. Sabin of the Europe Area Presidency.

WHAT. GUYS I AM SO EXCITED I CAN'T STOP SMILING. This will probably be the best day of my life. ahhhhhhojeuebdkdoshehepeiejek I'm so excited. 

In preparation for this meeting, President Turvey wanted us all to watch a video on called, "Elder Bednar in England". It's 5 minutes long and I want you all to watch it. It gives a strong message about member missionary work and about finding "the one" and it's so powerful. It's time for me to start preparing for Mission Conference and I'm so so excited. 

A member told me yesterday that he was told by one of the general authorities that when you're called to a mission, it's not the mission area you're assigned to, it's the mission president. It made a lot of sense to me because I was telling a sister the other day that I think there was a reason I came six months before President Pilkington left because knowing he was leaving I basically soaked in every chastisement he gave and everything that President Turvey is applying to the mission makes total sense even in the time he's applying these things on the timeline of my mission. Pretty cool. 

Transfer call news: I am going to Newton Aycliffe and Sister Chiu is going to Middlesbrough. And they are putting Elders in 😭 (cool story: when I left Pontefract they sung The Spirit of God as the closing hymn in sacrament meeting my last Sunday and yesterday they sang The Spirit of God as the closing hymn in sacrament meeting so I was convinced I was leaving and I was right.) Also I'll be living in a 4-man flat with 2 of my favourite sisters. I AM SO EXCITED. 

Here we go!

Sister Peterson

"We should pray as if everything depends on the Lord and work as if everything depends on us." 

Bamburgh Castle 😍 HUUUUUGE. 

"Sheeeeeep" - Sis Chiu

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