Monday, October 17, 2016

"I don't like your voice at all"

Another incredible week out here in Bishop! 

Just a couple quick hilarious things about this week:

  1. We had a lesson with a member we had never taught before and as soon as we sat down, Sis Savelio asked her how long she had lived there and the member just looked at the ground for a while and didn't say anything and then all of a sudden looked up and said very intensely, "I don't like the way you talk to me. Not you (pointing to me), but you (pointing to Sis Savelio). You make me feel very uncomfortable. I don't like the tone you use and it sounds like you're angry with me. Don't talk to me like that, I don't like your voice at all." Okayyy plot twist! Sis Savelio looked at this sweet old lady who was obviously very offended and just said, "okay." She leaned back and at that point I was on my own. I had to teach the whole lesson BY MYSELF. Man, the vibe in that room was just weird. Once we left we couldn't stop laughing but I still can't believe that actually happened hahah. 
  2. Mission goal: achieved. We got on this bus and our bus passes didn't work so we got off and were talking about what we were gonna do and we decided that if we took a different bus we'd be late for our appointment so we decided to get back on and just pay for the ticket. The bus driver was super cool and said that he had met people like us with badges before. Well we got on the bus and there was just one lady on and after a few stops she got off and then all the sudden this bus driver just start yelling back to us asking what we do and what church we're from and stuff. And then after a couple questions he yells, "WHY DON'T YOU GUYS JUST COME SIT UP HERE AND SO WE CAN TALK ABOUT THIS CHURCH THING." So we went up and sat on the front row of seats and talked to him about why our church is different and our beliefs and things like that and then we got to our stop so right before we got off I handed him a Book of Mormon with a Restoration pamphlet and told him to read it and he took it! We didn't have time to get his details or anything so Sister Savelio and I have plans to take the #7 bus at 5:33 in the near future. My entire mission I've had a goal to contact a bus driver and whadda you know, he contacted me hahah. 
  3. We went to a members house for a lunch appointment and as we were sitting in their living room eating, I was looking around and saw all these American products and packages and a bunch of tourist stuff and I thought it was kinda interesting. And then Sister Savelio asked her if her husband ever cooks American dishes for her and I thought "wow okay this lady is crazy obsessed with America". So I was like, "where are you from?" And she says, "Chicago!" And I'm like "WAIT. WHAT." Yeah, after that I realized she actually does have an American accent but after being here for so long I've developed an English filter in my mind which just makes everyone sound English. Glad to have met a fellow American though. 
  4. November is slowly creeping up which means everyone talks to me about Donald Trump! YAY. 😑
  5. There is a member family that promised to cook me homemade Cafe Rio and another member family that invited us over on Thanksgiving to make me a classic Thanksgiving dinner. HAVE I TOLD YOU HOW MUCH I LOVE THE NEWTON AYCLIFFE WARD. 

My testimony of the Book of Mormon:
This week I finished reading the Book of Mormon for the first time ever on my mission and the third time ever in real life. But this time I actually read it, pondered it, studied it, and applied it to my life. And what a HUGE difference that made. The Book of Mormon really is just a book of nice stories if you read it as a book of nice stories. But if you read it and apply the teachings to your life and believe that these were real men and women who lived and saw Jesus Christ, it becomes a lot more than that.
I know without a doubt that the Book of Mormon is true. I believe Joseph Smith, that he saw a vision and was visited by Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and was called to be a prophet of God. I cannot imagine how difficult it must've been for Mormon and Moroni, as their families were killed and their world was destroyed, to finish the records and make it possible so that we can have wisdom and protection to stand firm against a world that is slowly falling apart. We can learn from the examples of the past prophets and their people and come to understand that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever and His church is unchanging, just as it was back then. 
I know that this is the true Church of Jesus Christ and the only true church on the Earth. I am so grateful to have been brought up with Christ's teachings and the opportunity I have now to share it with others. I can promise you that I would not have left my family, friends, everything to come to England to ask people to read a book and pray to know if it is true if I did not know it was true myself. It's amazing how we can go out and share a Book of Mormon with a stranger with a PROMISE that if they read this book and pray to God sincerely to ask if it is true they WILL get an answer. There is no way I would have the confidence to do that if i didn't know it was the word of God. 

I am so grateful for all I have learned so far and can't wait to start it again and see how it will apply to my life now. I love love love this Gospel. So much. 

President Russel M. Nelson comes to our mission on Saturday and has already had a celebrity sighting at the Preston Temple. Byeeeee
Sister Pete

Sis Savelio cooked a nice New Zealander meal and after filling both our plates this is still what was left. It's like we were feeding the 5000. 
Thanks to the nice old ladies at the community centre, I can now proudly say I can knit. :-) #momskills

We started this Simpson's puzzle and realized it was the worst idea ever. 

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