Monday, October 31, 2016

lesson: learned

I just remembered today is Halloween. No one really celebrates it over
here so I completely forgot hahah HAPPY HALLOWEEN 🎃 i am so English.

This week I learned two very valuable lessons.

1- One day while helping out at a youth activity this couple came up
to us and said basically, "Hey we want to feed you guys when can you
come over." Sister Savelio and I had never seen or met them before but
we scheduled a time, went over, had an amazing time, and have been
over three times since. We went and stopped by one day this week just
to see how they're doing and the husband opened the door and we had a
really good chat with him and then out of nowhere he said, "Guys, I'll
be honest with you. You know how I'm on the high council so I go to
other wards every week instead of our ward? Well I actually haven't
been going to church at all the past couple months until we started
having you two over. We hadn't had missionaries in a long time and I
started losing the motivation to come to church. But when you two came
over, you brought the Spirit back into our home and my wife and I
really needed that. I usually don't tell people when things like this
happen but I just felt I needed to tell you that, so thank you." This
was an answer to my prayers. And I'll explain more why in a second.

2- We have an investigator who was supposed to be baptized this past
Saturday. Everything was planned and underway when we got a text from
her sister saying to call it off because she wasn't ready. We were
extremely confused and devastated. After talking to our district
leader about what had happened and what our plans were for the next
time we see her, the three of us felt really good about how we were
going to resolve this and what we were going to do. However after we
hung up, we got a call from another set of leaders that didn't feel
the same. They told me we weren't being bold enough with our
investigator, we weren't trying our best, and we needed to do more,
including things they suggested that me and Sister Savelio should do
that we were not comfortable with. After the phone call I felt awful
and for the next four days I second guessed basically my entire
purpose as a missionary and if I was even doing what the Lord wanted
me to do here. I've never felt more lost my whole mission. It wasn't
until we had a lesson with her this week that it all started to fall
into place. There was a concern we didn't know about that was finally
brought to our attention which will have to delay her baptism for a
little while. Although we were sad she won't be baptized as soon as we
thought, I have felt a whole lot of comfort because of all that has

I learned from these experiences that Heavenly Father truly speaks to
us through our feelings. Those days where I felt awful and completely
lost I remembered how good I felt when we made the decision with our
district leader and wondered, "Was that a good feeling because it was
a good decision? Or was I just staying in my comfort zone and the
leaders are right, I'm not being bold enough and I'm not doing my job.
Maybe God is making me feel bad so I'll be motivated to do better." I
decided to just go with the good feeling and trust Heavenly Father and
looking back, it was indeed the right decision. Pushing our
investigator would've been too much and especially if she wasn't

I also learned that sometimes God uses tough times to get our
attention. Although those four days of sucky feelings wasn't ideal,
what the member told us about how we brought the Spirit back into
their lives was just what I needed to hear at that time. Heavenly
Father knew that I was struggling and through someone else, He let me
know that I mattered to Him and that I was doing His work, whether it
be great or small. IT'S SO COOL TO BE A MISSIONARY.

Okay I'll get off my soap box now.
Love ya loads,
Sister Peterson

Our pumpkins. (Sister Savelio's "hole" is a bird called a 'kiwi'
which is like a New Zealand thing)
England in the fall 🍁
We helped some members wrap neighborhood Christmas gifts so it got

me in the mood 🎅🏼

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