Monday, November 28, 2016

Mamma and Pappa Turvey

Hello all of you that recently tuned in to my emails because things just got interesting. 

This week I felt like I should hand in my name tag because I did not feel like I was on a mission haha. Monday was Sister Turvey's birthday so when they got home from the mission office, we ordered Indian takeout and celebrated with birthday cake and we found out so many things about President and Sister Turvey. Did you know she was a herbal tea bag for Halloween one year? Hahaha. 

Tuesday we went and stamped like 500 Book of Mormons at the mission office and then came home and I played the piano for Sister Turvey and then President came and played us a few songs. Sometimes he'll play a little in the morning and he's SO GOOD I love it when he plays. They also have a guitar I play sometimes. Each night we do family prayers and all kneel in a circle and say a nightly prayer together it's so cute. πŸ˜Š They're like our mission mom and dad. The other night actually we got home from zone conference before they did and when they came in the door Sister Turvey shouts, "Mum and Dad are home!" Hahah. 

Wednesday was just weird. We went and worked at the mission office for a few hours and hung out with the AP's and then we ordered pizza and when the pizza guy came, he asked for a Bible and we gave him a Book of Mormon and got his details to give to the missionaries serving in Leeds. HOW COOL IS THAT. Then we went home and the Turvey's had to go to Hull and they were staying the night in Billingham so we house sat for them. It was so weird haha we got home at like 4 and then just got in our pajamas, watched a movie, did some painting, wrapped some Christmas presents, and made ourselves some tea and then went to bed. 

Thursday was zone conference and then we came home and did some painting and then went grocery shopping with Sister Turvey which was the most hilarious thing because she gets soo distracted looking at clothes and Christmas decorations. I told her that she's the kind of person that people like me who work in gift shops hate because she went through and turned on all the dancing and singing stuffed animals at once and I was like.. πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‚

Friday was D-Day. The four of us sat in Presidents office and decided what the plans were going to be from here on out. We decided we'd make the decision on Monday. πŸ˜‚ Depending on how things go, we'll either go back to Bishop Auckland or we'll move to Leeds and stay in a four-man flat with two other sisters, one who's had anxiety before which I think is the best option but we'll see. 

Saturday we had lunch at the mission home and the AP's came and then the Turvey's left to Hull and weren't coming back until Sunday evening so we got back in our pajamas, turned on a movie, and then wrapped Christmas presents and put labels on Christmas cards. And then for some reason a whole bunch of fireworks went off so we watched those and then went to bed. 

Sunday we went to church with Elder and Sister Hayden to Bradford and it was hilarious how literally EVERYONE asked us if they were getting sister missionaries in the ward and then when we told them we were just visiting they were devastated. Sister Turvey told us that we should have told them only the most righteous wards get sister missionaries. πŸ‘ΌπŸΌ

Well, this has been the most unproductive week of my life but it has also been a really fun week and as long as I'm still with Sister Savelio, I'm happy. Please continue to keep her in your prayers and I'll let ya know what happens next week! 

Sister Peterson

North Zone
Movie night 
Craft night
Hahah she was so done wrapping presents 
The sunset the other night

Monday, November 21, 2016

no longer under the radar......

My whole mission I have told people that I'd rather go home completely
invisible in this mission than be known to have a bad reputation.
However like Sister Savelio told me this week, "I think it's safe to
say you're no longer under the radar." πŸ˜…

Let me just start this off by saying that I am currently emailing from
President and Sister Turvey's house (the mission home) which I will be
living in for the next couple days with my companion who I may or may
not have to escort back to New Zealand. THEY MIGHT MAKE ME FLY TO NEW
ZEALAND THIS WEEK TO DROP HER OFF HOME. I just had to get that off my
chest. My life is no longer normal.

She has been diagnosed with severe anxiety and we spent 10 DAYS in our
flat until the Turvey's finally had us come stay with them. The last
10 days I have never been so emotionally, physically, and mentally
spent. With the repeated anxiety attacks, sleepless nights, doctors
appointments, tears, and feeling completely alone I have never felt
more love and security from my Heavenly Father and Saviour Jesus
Christ. I would not have been able to do this without them.

And through all of this I just want to say how much I love President
and Sister Turvey. They truly want nothing but the best for their
missionaries and we've become really good friends. Being on the
receiving end of love and support from the missionaries and leaders in
this mission has brought me to tears multiple times, it's just like a
big warm hug.

As much as it breaks my heart that Sister Savelio might have to go
home, I know that the Lord put us together for a reason. I have
learned LOADS from this experience and I have gained an incredible new
best friend. She really is so strong and just wants to serve her
Father in Heaven. We have both been asked to pray about if she should
stay or not and what would be best for her.

I love love love this Gospel, it can heal the most broken hearts and
provides comfort that's indescribable. Please keep her in your
prayers. ❤️

Love, Sister Peterson

Day 8 in the flat and we ran out of food sooo we ordered in
I know you can't really see it but those are my teeth marks in my
comps arm bc we were bored and wrestled and I won 😊
Christmas came early at the Turvey's!

Monday, November 14, 2016

"Mum, I'm a Mormon! It's official."

after Scarlet's baptism she rung up her mom and said those exact words. :)

I felt more like I was hosting a youth activity, but Scarlet's baptism was such a great experience. She was so nervous but she had so much support around her. Friday and Saturday was the Youth Convention (which is something I had to learn having foreign companions. It's like where all the youth in an area get together and meet up with other youth and it's like a mini EFY where basically they find their eternal companion and stay active in the church.) So we had all the youth of the Stake there and all the Young Women sang the song "Daughter of a King" for Scarlet and it was so special. 

As Scarlet was changing after being baptized we decided to do something different for her. The missionaries usually put on like a Mormon message presentation thing but I thought with 30 youth there they would get super bored so instead we decided to pass out little colored sheets of paper and everyone wrote something on it for Scarlet to remember this day by and put it in a jar we made for her. Scarlet loved it and it kept people busy so we're happy. 

If you knew Scarlet, you'd know that in a civil, reverent event such as this something had to go wrong. She is the craziest, cutest, loudest, funniest teenager I've ever met and in the words of Sister Savelio written on her paper to Scarlet, "If you ever feel down or are having a bad day, just remember that one time when you slipped walking out of the baptismal font." Yep, she face planted walking up the stairs out of the water. We still love her hahah. 

This week being a rollercoaster is an understatement. I've been on both sides of the spectrum, extremely happy and excited for Scarlet's baptism but there were also a lot of times this week I was at an ultimate low and felt very unsure of what was going to happen. I can testify that I learn more from the low's in my life than the high's and sometimes you want so badly to take something from someone and ease them from the pain they're going through and sometimes hearing the words "just rely on the Lord" isn't as easy as it sounds. But there are countless times in the Book of Mormon when it says, "after a trial of their faith.." and sometimes you just have to endure it to your best and hope it will be better in the end. I've prayed more sincerely this week than I have my entire life and right now we're just going on faith. 

Also, remember recent-con Ron? The guy we baptized in Pontefract? Well he just got called as the Gospel Principles teacher and Sister Froerer and I just want to say WE TOTALLY CALLED IT. #proudmom 😊

God hears and answers our prayers and I have felt the healing powers of the Atonement. 
Love you guys!
Sister Peterson

Normally I would not be satisfied if these were the refreshments for a baptism but hey, she's 14. 
SNOW! (My second time ever in England)

What our Saturday night consisted of. ❤️

Monday, November 7, 2016

Ehhh sorry

I've been trying to remember what happened this week and I usually keep a list of things I want to say but honestly this week just slipped through my fingers and I can't remember a thing so this is going to be very short. 

Transfer calls were last night and I am so freaking pleased to say that Sister Savelio and I get one more transfer together πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ I'M SO PUMPED. It's also a 5 week transfer so it's gonna go so fast which is sad but we'll make the most of it. Scarlet's baptism is this Saturday as well and I'm so relieved I won't have to plan it by myself haha. 

Speaking of Scarlet's baptism, she chose this Saturday because it's right after the youth convention so all the youth of the stake will be there which means it has to be first class. Luckily this ward rocks at helping with baptisms so it'll be good. We're so excited for her!

I also hit double digits this week with the 10 month mark. I really don't have much else to say but I'll share with you one of the funniest conversations I had this week (and yes, our bishops name is Bishop Morgan and we were having tea at his parents house):

Brother Morgan: "Have you ever seen the Christmas Carol?"
Savelio: "No."
Me: "What! So when people say 'stop being such a Scrooge' who do you think they're talking about?"
Savelio: "I thought that was the Grinch's first name." 

Alright, bye!
Sister Peterson

And if you thought I would have pictures to make up for this sad email, I don't. All I got for ya is some #nature.