Monday, November 14, 2016

"Mum, I'm a Mormon! It's official."

after Scarlet's baptism she rung up her mom and said those exact words. :)

I felt more like I was hosting a youth activity, but Scarlet's baptism was such a great experience. She was so nervous but she had so much support around her. Friday and Saturday was the Youth Convention (which is something I had to learn having foreign companions. It's like where all the youth in an area get together and meet up with other youth and it's like a mini EFY where basically they find their eternal companion and stay active in the church.) So we had all the youth of the Stake there and all the Young Women sang the song "Daughter of a King" for Scarlet and it was so special. 

As Scarlet was changing after being baptized we decided to do something different for her. The missionaries usually put on like a Mormon message presentation thing but I thought with 30 youth there they would get super bored so instead we decided to pass out little colored sheets of paper and everyone wrote something on it for Scarlet to remember this day by and put it in a jar we made for her. Scarlet loved it and it kept people busy so we're happy. 

If you knew Scarlet, you'd know that in a civil, reverent event such as this something had to go wrong. She is the craziest, cutest, loudest, funniest teenager I've ever met and in the words of Sister Savelio written on her paper to Scarlet, "If you ever feel down or are having a bad day, just remember that one time when you slipped walking out of the baptismal font." Yep, she face planted walking up the stairs out of the water. We still love her hahah. 

This week being a rollercoaster is an understatement. I've been on both sides of the spectrum, extremely happy and excited for Scarlet's baptism but there were also a lot of times this week I was at an ultimate low and felt very unsure of what was going to happen. I can testify that I learn more from the low's in my life than the high's and sometimes you want so badly to take something from someone and ease them from the pain they're going through and sometimes hearing the words "just rely on the Lord" isn't as easy as it sounds. But there are countless times in the Book of Mormon when it says, "after a trial of their faith.." and sometimes you just have to endure it to your best and hope it will be better in the end. I've prayed more sincerely this week than I have my entire life and right now we're just going on faith. 

Also, remember recent-con Ron? The guy we baptized in Pontefract? Well he just got called as the Gospel Principles teacher and Sister Froerer and I just want to say WE TOTALLY CALLED IT. #proudmom 😊

God hears and answers our prayers and I have felt the healing powers of the Atonement. 
Love you guys!
Sister Peterson

Normally I would not be satisfied if these were the refreshments for a baptism but hey, she's 14. 
SNOW! (My second time ever in England)

What our Saturday night consisted of. ❤️

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