Monday, December 26, 2016

Happy Christmas, Harry.

English people actually say Happy Christmas and Father Christmas so
myth: busted.

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas! Mine was so so good, I am so
grateful I was able to spend this Christmas season with Christ's name
on my badge and serving His children every day by spreading the
Gospel. Best first/last/only Christmas on the mission I've ever had 😊

Also, Happy Boxing Day! The day after Christmas is called Boxing Day
and it's like a Black Friday for Christmas and everyone gets work off
and it's great. This week I won't write much because I have lots of
pictures and videos to send but skyping my family (plus Paula) was so
great and they got to meet a real life English family!! The family we
went and had Christmas dinner with has a son on a mission who is
serving in Utah in Saratoga Springs so kinda close so that was pretty
cool. Church was soooo good and then the four of us went back to our
flat and played games and chilled for a few hours which was so nice so
all in all a great day!

I'm so grateful for Christ's birth and the huge influence it has had
on my life and the whole world. I'm so happy I got to spend it on my
mission and will never forget it and the fun memories. Happy Christmas
and Merry New Year? Lol BYE.

Sister Peterson

Went on exchange with Sister Froerer and we spotted a Ponty bus 😢
Santa and Mrs. Claus made an appearance at our Christmas party
Christmas party!!!
Beanie weather 🌲
Christmas Eve with the Hunston's
England winter = you straighten your hair in the morning and after
5 min outside it looks like this :(
Our walk to church yesterday
Christmas dinner 😋😋😋
Everyone put your hearts up for Skyping ❤
My Christmas present from my cute companion

Merry Christmas from the Sheffield sisters!

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