Monday, December 5, 2016

One simple testimony

Week 3 on alien planet and we're doin pretty good.

We have yet another week at the Turvey's ahead of us and this past
week was definitely a rollercoaster. It got to a point where there was
no end in sight for Sister Savelio's recovery so the decision was made
that she needed to go home. NEVERTHELESS we had one more doctors
appointment to go to and she set up an appointment for us to see a
psychiatrist later that day and after like 68364 questions, he said
that with the medication he has for her, she should be back to her
normal self in about a week or two. So fingers crossed!

Not much else has happened this week but I did have an amazing
experience last night. The mission home holds these monthly firesides
and the first one was last night. Everyone in the mission is invited
IF you bring an investigator so only about 5 companionships were there
but one of the companionships included Sister Froerer! (My trainer who
is also one of my best friends) I WAS SO HAPPY. We basically spent all
night together catching up and laughing at how green we were back in
good ol' ponty. Can't believe that was almost a year ago..!

But during the fireside we had three incredible musical numbers that
just power housed the Spirit and the night was themed on Jesus Christ
and how He can influence each of our lives. At the end we had a mini
testimony meeting and there was a Chinese investigator who is getting
baptised this weekend in Leeds and she bore the most simple yet
powerful testimony. She said that one day she was feeling so depressed
and so sad with life and on that day she was walking down the street
when she met the sister missionaries who "smiled like angels". After
meeting with them she started to develop her faith and from not
knowing who God was at all, she has grown her testimony so much that
she said with tears in her eyes last night that Jesus Christ is her
friend and she loves Him.❤️ The gospel changes lives! And everyone
needs to know that they are never alone and we don't have to walk
through life wondering and questioning all the time but we have a
perfect parent who has a plan for each one of us to bring us back to
Him. So find out what yours is! That's where you will find true
lasting happiness.

I LOVE YOU GUYS. Hope this week's a good one and thank you for the
birthday wishes, I will shortly say goodbye to my teenage years and
also my fun personality because 20 is old and old people aren't fun.

Love you!
Sister Peterson

Last week we made Sunday dinner for ourselves since the Turvey's
were out and I have to say it was pretty good.
Elf on the Shelf lives on in England (thx sis Turvey)
The killer sunset driving home the other day
For my birthday, Sister Turvey let me hang out with Sister Froerer

for the day :)

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