Monday, January 16, 2017

You're right Uchtdorf, it is simple.

Heyyy guys. This week my brain is fried and out of steam so this email
will be a little lacking haha sorry.

Something cool that happened the other day was that we were teaching
our investigator, Carrey, with a member, Dominic, and we were reading
a chapter in the Book of Mormon together, 2 reading in Chinese, 1 in
Cantonese, and 1 in English and the Spirit was still the same and
still so strong. The gospel is universal, my friends.

Basically, this week our whole lives crumbled into a thousand pieces.
Two of our recent converts haven't been keeping very important
commandments :( and our investigator decided not to be baptised
tomorrow :( ahhh agency is a stinker.

On Friday we had a 3 hour lesson with Carrey and yesterday our lesson
with him lasted 2 hours. Not our choice, but the topics we covered
were very deep, deep doctrine about the Plan of Salvation and in the
end, he decided that he knows everything and the celestial kingdom is
more of a state of mind rather than a "place" .... yeah idk. As Sister
So and I would walk home from his lessons, we would just feel so
mentally drained and exhausted.

Because of all this though, I have really gained an appreciation and
deeper testimony of the Plan of Salvation. Basically Carrey is just
making scenarios up in his head and trying to figure it out all out on
his own when he doesn't have to! God has presented through prophets
His perfect plan and if we trust Him, we can have the peace and
comfort that God's gonna take care of us. Just like President Uchtdorf
said in his talk, "Be Not afraid, Only Believe", the Gospel is simple.
Sooo don't worry, be happy.

Well that's all I got. Also, this week it finally hit me that I'm
living in England so woohoo! Fun.
Love you.

Sister Pete

Today is my day 😊 (lol get it)
Denim Dwednesday with my Chinese friends (@poshspice_99)
Dropping Sheffield's next hot album this Feb 2017 😎
Oops we accidentally broke Sis So's bed
We ran out of room on our counter so we put the rice cooker and
Asian sauces in the dishwasher we never use and don't even know if
it's actually broken or not
Ben and Jerry's vending machine!!!
So funny story, Sister So was teaching a recent convert in Chinese
while I was teaching our investigator (long story) in English and as I
go to pull out my plan of Salvation visuals, I turn around to see that
she had just pulled out her plan of Salvation visuals and our table
looked really missionary

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