Monday, February 27, 2017

Shortie But A Goodie

Hi friends, I don't really remember what happened this week honestly.
I think it was good? We were pretty busy which is always good but I do
remember the weather was rubbish most the time but it didn't kill our
spirits. :)

So this week a few things happened: Carrey our eternal investigator
decided on Tuesday that he wanted to get baptised on March 3, then he
passed his THIRD baptismal interview on Friday, and then on Saturday
he changed his mind again and said he doesn't want to get baptised
anymore. We're pretty salty about it but I guess the boy has his

Also, we have this killer new Chinese investigator named Swift. (They
come up with their own English names and some of them are really
creative and some of them are just ehhh) He's good friends with a
Chinese member so they came to church together and they stayed for 2
hours! He seemed to really enjoy it and then we had a lesson with him
Sunday evening and he's honestly so openminded and so willing to
change. He's been really great to teach and we're excited to see his

That's all I got for this week but things are good and I'm happy so I
guess that's what's important. Love you guys xx

Sister Peterson

Hot Pot. Happy Birthday, Sister Rigby!
The view from my bed ❤️

The atmosphere at our lesson yesterday

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