Monday, February 13, 2017

This week's Sermon

Annnnd it's been another amazing week in Sheffield. It amazes me how each week just keeps getting better and better and I keep learning more and more. 

[For all the fun stuff that happened this week I'll just explain in the photos below]

I had an amazing humbling experience this week that brought me to my absolute low and has been building me back up ever since. My mission president told us that you get to a point on your mission where you've repented for all the big things in your life and since you've grown spiritually, you start noticing all the little sins and begin to be weighed down and feel constantly unrepentant. I think he was speaking right to me. 

Then in my interview with him, I started asking him loads of questions about it and about being closer to God and he told me that maybe I don't feel fully repentant because what I'm praying for I don't have a real desire or I'm forgetting the Savior. He showed me that repentance without the Redeemer is just simply miserable behavior modification. If we try to do everything on our own, repentance is painful and probably won't last long. I read a talk that said, "Real repentance must involve faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, faith that He can change us, faith that He can forgive us, and faith that He will help us avoid more mistakes." 

And then I was thinking, how do you think the Savior feels when we choose to go through repentance alone? Jesus Christ died for each one of us. He was beaten, whipped, spat upon, felt every pain, sickness, heartache we will ever feel, betrayed, had to bear His own cross, and then crucified just so that when we sin, He can comfort us, cry with us, and help us overcome and become clean again because He already payed that price. But how do you think He feels when we just leave Him out and try to do it on our own? We need Him and with His help we can be forgiven and the 'don't do it again' part becomes a lot more possible. 

Every week I seem to give you my little 'Sermon on the Mount' and you're probably like "Yeah, thanks Sister Peterson, I learned that in Primary but I'm glad you're finally figuring it out now" but hey! Better late than never, right. 

And since Valentine's Day is tomorrow I remember how last year my trainer let me know that she was cooking dinner for me on Valentine's Day and I should feel really loved. I hope you all feel loved too and especially from your Father in Heaven and big brother Jesus Christ. (This just screams missionary, I know)

Love ya, bye!
Sister Peterson

P.S. We just found out that Sister Peng is moving to Doncaster and we'll be in a trio with Sister Rigby. I've yet to hear good things about being in a trio so this will be... interesting. We will miss Sister Peng so much though :( but she won't be too far away. 

Katy! The cutest/strongest/funniest recent convert. We love Katy. 
Sheffield zone has serious problems
Laser Tag last Pday. I'm obviously the only one appropriately dressed but our team did win. 
This is a very long story of back when I worked at the mission office with the AP's. Long story short, cheers Mama Dobbs for the dinosaur eggs oatmeal :)
One of our amazing members has a son on a mission in Utah and it was so fun looking at this huge board they made for him with a bunch of his pictures and mission things. #nothomesick
Okay one night we were really tired and we didn't want to go back out again after coming home for tea (it's really cold outside now) so we had a lesson over the phone with our good friend Carrey in the comfort of our own home

My companion calls me 'dahling' but more importantly it finally snowed in England!

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