Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Week in Preview

Hello again, my friends. You're gonna get so sick of me saying this
but THIS WEEK WAS SO GOOD. I love it here in Sheffield and Chinese
people and Uni areas and the city and Sister So and my flat mates and
especially being a missionary. Life is sooooo good. I'm gonna have to
go through day by day what happened this week because there was so
much and it will help me stay organised.

Monday: At 1 pm Sister Peng got a call saying she was moving to
Doncaster to be companions with Sister Froerer. We packed all day and
then at 6 pm she got picked up and left :( and the three of us were in
a trio. We went to FHE and then got fried chicken with a guy we met on
the street and then at 10:30 pm we got a call from President saying
that Sister Strickland was coming to be Sister Rigby's new companion!

Tuesday: we volunteered at a community centre and helped clean out a
bar and then had Valentine's Day dinner at the Rowe's and they made
the best mac and cheese (pictures below)

Wednesday: All day Sister So wasn't feeling well but then at like 5 pm
we had a lesson and I just felt rubbish so I payed down while Sister
So taught and then came home for tea and slept while Sister So made me
a first class English breakfast. Then we took a train to Doncaster for

Thursday: Exchange with Sister Peng! It was so fun to hang out with
her for the day and also one of the Doncaster members, Catherine,
who's probably my new best friend.

Friday: We taught three lessons back to back, we had our district
leader come to one of them with Carrey to see if he could help but nah
he's still the same. And then Sister So was so drained after teaching
in Chinese all day that she got a massive headache and slept the rest
of the night. Bless her.

Saturday: Oliver! He's our new Chinese investigator and he's so funny.
He's so so openminded and has a love for learning new things and is
really searching for the truth. We're so excited about him.

Sunday: We finally had a lesson with our good friend, Margarita, and
she is the coolest person I have met in Sheffield. She would be such a
killer YSA member so she has to get baptised.

I only have three more weeks with my So-So so let's all join in a
prayer that time goes reeeally slow because I'm really dreading that
day. But every day here is a good day and I hope you all are enjoying
every day of your life as well. Love ya!

Sister Peterson

Community service yayyy cheers
Happy Valentine's Day!
Sheffield Fam 2.0
Our cute little tea appointment. She provided the meal, I provided
the spiritual thought.
Yay exchange
MY FAVOURITE MEMBER. Ricky is the happiest person I've ever met.
Haha we had a lesson with Lindsey and Leo and we were ripping paper
the whole time idk why
[no comment]

Sister Strickland is a crazy Australian legend and we love her

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