Monday, March 6, 2017

My Space Jam is pretty good.

Hey guys! Good week.

First off, Monday night we had FHE with the Chinese and English
combined and it was so much fun. The YSA here are so strong and so
hilarious so just being around them is a good time. And I think it
really helped the Chinese members get to know them better so it's all
goods. Also we got elders! And they're Chinese speaking. One has been
here for about 18 months and one is fresh off the plane from Utah and
they're so cool.

Then on Wednesday I had my 4 hour Speeding Awareness Course in
Rotherham which is basically a class that you have to be told why
speeding is dangerous and to not do it again. Poor Sister So had to
wait for me in this tiny room with one small window with nothing to do
for the whole four hours. She was basically in prison haha. But
honestly, the course was SO good. I learned so much about speed limits
and driving hazards and UK statistics and I made a couple of new
friends and the teachers I had were hilarious and I have a whole
booklet of notes so just ask me any questions about driving in England
because I realized short after that a lot of our driving rules in
America are different so I'll probably never use this information
again. But I won't speed anymore. 😊

Next up we had zone conference. I've always been a little not
appreciative of the zone conferences we've had since President
Pilkington left because his were like General Conference worthy and I
always felt like President Turvey's just weren't that great. They were
good, just not President Pilkington good. (Sorry) But the one we had
this week was incredible. I felt like every topic we discussed and
trained on was just for me and I saw a lot of things I need to improve
on but I also left stronger than when I walked in because even though
I have a lot of improvements, I didn't feel weighed down or
overwhelmed, I felt pumped and ready to go. I've looked over the notes
I took every day and there's one point that I really loved that I'll
share with you.

We watched the Pep Talk video by Kid President and you know the part
where he talks about Michael Jordan and if he quit he wouldn't have
made Space Jam? We talked about each of us on our missions is creating
our own Space Jams and what that means. In my opinion, I think it
means you're making the most of this experience, fulfilling your
purpose, always looking outward at who you can serve, and when it's
all over, you can look back and say, "My Space Jam was pretty good."
Since I'm kind of in the final stretch of my mission, I've been able
to look back at the people who I've met and come to love as my family,
the lessons where I've felt the Spirit the strongest my whole life,
the companions I've had who are now some of my best friends, and
especially all the moments where things were hard, I wanted to give
up, but kept going through and have seen those trials change me to
become a stronger disciple and friend of Jesus Christ.

I actually got a letter this week out of the blue from my Recent-Con
Ron (if you don't remember him he was the man I taught in Pontefract
who completely changed my life) and it was the night we had just come
home from zone conference and talking about our Space Jams and Sister
Froerer was sitting next to me and at the end of his letter he said,
"It is a pleasure to have known you and to have been taught by you.
Gonna close for now but I hope you are able to stay in touch. If not,
then, when you return home each time you think of your mission then
just smile to yourself and think "I did pretty good". If Ron thinks my
Space Jam is pretty alright, then it couldn't have been too bad.

A Mormon message I would STRONGLY suggest you watch is called "Moments
That Matter Most". Every time I watch it I feel so happy and excited
about life and want to go play in the rain with my children. So please
take the time to watch it, its very short.

To close off this novel, I just want to let you all know that our
investigator Swift is KILLING IT. We taught him the 10 commandments
yesterday and we left his house with him committing to live all of
them and also a box of 160 cigarettes. He's switching to chewing gum

Okay bye!

Sister Peterson

Ariel is really good at playing Ninja
Rotherham Cathedral
S/O to Sister Peng for finding this in Doncaster for me :)
MTC group reunited (some of us)
Zone conference #thesouth
My friends
Sheffield Zone "being the message"
That 10:30 am grind 😎
Chinese food with Chinese people
Carrey's lesson with the zone leaders might've looked a little
intimidating, what do you think?

Good morning :)

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