Monday, April 17, 2017

Good Morning

Heyo. Such a crazy week. 

This transfer I've gone to Leeds three times, Billingham, and now Newcastle. 2 1/2 hours of driving but SO WORTH IT. It was like an opera Music and The Spoken Word kinda thing. Our investigator loved it so that's good. 

So new transfer, new me. My new companion is also from England and her name is Sister Robertson. IM SO EXCITED. She is really good friends with Sister Savelio and I've gotten to know her a lot so I'm way happy. And I get to stay in Sheffield so I'm wayyyy happy. But for the spiritual news...

SWIFT. Swift is incredible. So I'll give you a quick rundown of Swift. 
  1. We met him on the street (and I didn't want to stop him because he looked like a Chinese thug who wouldn't be even the slightest bit bothered) and when we set the return appointment we both didn't think he'd actually come
  2. His first lesson was RUBBISH and it was the weirdest scheduling for baptism I've ever had and we definitely didn't think we'd see him again
  3. He kept pushing off his baptismal date because of his coursework and then one day he said he just decided it wasn't that important anymore and wanted to get baptised
  4. HE GOT BAPTISED THREE WEEKS AFTER WE MET HIM (that's what they call a golden investigator) and two days after he decided to get baptised 
  5. He's been such a strong recent convert ever since he was baptised
  6. We took him to teach Oliver with us on Saturday (his first 'member involvement experience') and it was amazing. He bore such powerful testimony of how his life has changed since he was baptised and met Sister So and I, he said how it's helped him with his coursework, with his decisions, how he's just a happier person now. He said that since he's gone to church he's been able to manage his schedule better and has had better ideas for his projects. He said everything Oliver needed to hear. He even talked about Christ's Second Coming and was scared the world was going to get too bad that He wouldn't come anymore :( HOW CUTE IS THAT?! And he said that he hopes Christ comes soon but not too soon. 

Honestly I think I sat there in the lesson with a smile on my face the whole time. Oliver even publicly thanked Swift in his prayer for being such an example to him and the sweet testimony he shared. I can't tell you how proud I am of Swift. It's like such an incredible happiness that I can't describe when you get to see your own recent convert  just blossom into a disciple of Christ after they're baptised. 

After my other two recent converts, Ron and Scarlet, were baptised I left the area the next week so I never got to see their progression. So this has been such a special experience for me and I'm so lucky Heavenly Father is letting me watch Swift grow in the gospel and find his own testimony. 

This really is the best part of being a missionary, like this is what we're here to do. The best feeling is at the end of the day you go to bed with a huge smile on your face and the warmest feeling in your heart because you know that that day you fulfilled your purpose and can literally see the gospel change lives. 


Ok bye. 

Sister Peterson

Dim Sum 😋 (I tasted cow stomach)
Celebratory Gelato with Oliver
Companion ❤️ 
And then there were two!

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