Monday, April 24, 2017

I got Jesus, what you got?

Man, I cannot tell you how grateful I am to be staying here in
Sheffield. This place has a special seat in my heart and I really hope
I can stay here till the end.

Also, I cannot tell you how grateful I am to be serving with Sister
Robertson. She reminds me of all my New Zealand companions.
She's been out for 10 months .
(my chances of being junior companion again is a zero because after
this transfer, I'm one of the oldest sisters in the mission :( ) and
we've gone through a lot of the same things on our missions so we
relate real well. This transfer is gonna be soo good.

So guess what! Our investigator, Lukas, decided to be baptised this
week! We had a really bold lesson with him last week about true
desires and what he needs to do to receive answers and things and
after the lesson he texted us and said he needs to see us tomorrow
because "it's time for him to be honest".... so we went to the lesson
and let's just say.. flirt to convert is real. Haha but we set things
straight and he said that when he went to the Mission Home Fireside he
truly felt the Spirit and changed the desires of his heart to follow
Jesus Christ. So his baptismal interview was right after and now he's
pumped for his baptism on Thursday! Yay.

So last P-Day we were sitting watching Moana and all of the sudden
revelation was just pouring down on me.

So you know the part when Moana and Maoi are climbing up the rock wall
to get to the place with the dancing snail? (I've never actually
watched this film all the way through and sorry if I spell their names
wrong) And Maoi is asking Moana why her island sent her to do this job
out of everyone else they could've chosen. And he asks her that if the
ocean has this power to do things and help her why doesn't it just
return the heart back to Tafiti? Why doesn't the ocean just do the job
itself? Why does it need Moana?

And then there's that whole scene about when Maoi leaves Moana and she
decides to give up and give the heart back to the ocean and tell it to
pick someone else.

I was thinking about this and realised how similar this is to
missionary work and how inadequate we feel as missionaries. Just like
how the ocean could easily take the heart and give it to Tafiti
itself, God could easily baptise every single person on the Earth if
He wanted to. President Monson could easily send his most educated
church philosophers with amazing people skills and could persuade
anyone and everyone to join the church. Only the best and brightest
could serve missions and get the job done a lot quicker.

But that's not what we're here for. I'm sure at some point, actually
I'm positive there will be many points on your mission when you will
feel so inadequate. Just like Moana, you'll want to tell God, "I give
up". You'll want to tell Him that you're just not good enough and
you're sure there's someone better who could take your place. And to
be honest, there probably is. But just like the ocean in Moana, the
ocean didn't let her give up and it let her take the heart back to
Tafiti because it wanted to show Moana that she really can do hard
things. I think it was saying that the most important thing wasn't
getting the heart back, but it was building Moana's character.

That's something I'm really passionate about, that the most important
convert on our mission should be ourselves. Because if you think about
it, if you go home a stronger disciple of Christ with a stronger
testimony that can withstand anything, you're going to see a lot more
baptisms through your own future family and friends than you ever will
these 18 months- 2 years.

And to be honest, when the time comes and I have to take the name
badge off, it's not really going to effect me much. Because at the end
of the day, it's just a piece of plastic on my chest. But being a
representative of Jesus Christ is forever engraved on my heart and is
a lifetime service I will always be committed to.

So work on yourself! And know that God is mindful of absolutely
everything you're going through.

Love ya lots,

Sister Peterson

Hidden Sheffield treasures

Found my heritage 🤘🏾


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