Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Six weeks to moderately okay

Well, we're going back to where it all began.

Tomorrow I leave Sheffield and am moving to York. I am so devastated
to leave Sheffield, this city and these people have a huge piece of my
heart and I'll miss it so much. But here's to my last six weeks in one
of the most beautiful cities in the northeast annnnd my new companion
is Sister Salonia! She's from Italy (#neverhadaUtahcompanion). Right
after Sister Froerer got done training me, she went and trained Sister
Salonia so we're Mission sisters :) cute! I've always wanted to serve
in York and the best part is, I GET TO GO ON EXCHANGE IN PONTEFRACT.
Which means I get to see Recent-con Ron and Jill and Roy and Val and
all my Ponty Pals one last time before I go home. God is so good,

I can't talk about leaving Sheffield and Sister Robertson and Sister
Tanielu and Sister Rigby (who is going to Newton Aycliffe- my last
area) because I'll probably start to cry so we'll just skip that.

This week I emailed back and forth the Mission President from Hungary.
He wants me to come and serve in Hungary for my last two weeks. Nah
I'm kidding, we just need his AP's to Skype in for a lesson with
Roman, our investigator. We put them in our phone as "Hungry
Assistants" we're hilarious. And the song Budapest has been in my head
all week because of it.

THIS WEEK THE WEATHER WAS SO HOT. I now understand the difference
between dry heat and humid heat. I like dry heat more. I actually got
really sick on Saturday and slept in until 4, the thing is that our
flat is on the 12th floor of our apartment building and the whole
thing is just windows so it's like an oven and none of us can sleep at
night because it's SO HOT. But I guess I won't have a problem with it
anymore :(

I went on my last exchange with Sister Rigby this week and it was a
bit bittersweet. We both came to Sheffield in December and we're both
peacin' out together. We've become really good friends and have been
through a lot of hard times together and I'll miss her so much. Good
thing she lives in Kaysville so I'll see her when she comes home.

This week was a long week of goodbyes. All the Chinese members are
going home and we got transfer calls on Saturday so yesterday we said
a bunch of goodbyes as well. Like I said, if I keep going I might cry
so I'll just show you the pictures.

Well, I'm excited for my last transfer in York and I'm ready to give
it my all. Go big then go home. Love ya, bye!

Sister Peterson
One transfer down... 

One transfer to go!

I GOT TO HOLD A CAT. And I'm not tryna pose or anything her claw was just stuck on my shirt. Also her name is Cheese :-)

Goodbye Sheffield Fam :(

Goodbye Sheffield district :(

Pretty Sheffield

Last P day we went to a lookout over the city and jammed to my ukulele and relaxed


Goodbye Sister Rigby :(

My companion is so cute and made me this <3

Cool building

 Where we taught a lesson the other day

Goodbye Joseph :(

Joseph is moving back to China so he gave me his ukulele as a goodbye present with a really good carrying case. How sweet is he?!

Goodbye Dominic and Mark :(

Goodbye Helmer and Aldair :(

Goodbye Ricky :(

Goodbye Oliver :(

Goodbye Diamond Library :(

Pretty Sheffield

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