Wednesday, June 14, 2017

4th Quarter

Hello friends. So this week was my last zone conference and President Turvey said something that connected with something my ward mission leader told me. I'll start with my ward mission leader first.

So it was our first meeting with him this week and because me and another Elder in our ward are going home this transfer, he wanted to give us a kind of "pep talk". He told us about his last two transfers on his mission, he was reassigned from being a zone leader to train a new missionary and open a brand new area that had the smallest population in the whole mission. He wondered what God could possibly teach him with just two transfers left. He said that at the beginning, his heart wasn't really in the right place. He didn't have the motivation to give his all because it was just 12 weeks left. He didn't have the motivation to get to know the members because it was just 12 weeks left. But as time went on he realised that there was obviously a reason God had sent him here and because of his poor attitude, he wasn't getting that answer.

So he got stuck in. He committed himself that until the day he had to leave, he was going to give 110% and he was going to find out what God had in store for him. On his very last day in the field, he taught 11 first discussions just on one street they decided to knock. After leaving one of the houses, it was three minutes till 9 and his companion said, "Let's knock these last three doors." But my ward mission leader said, "Elder, you can come back tomorrow and finish. I'm a little bit tired" haha. Just on that last day on that last street, they were able to find people who later got baptised. 

President Turvey said at zone conference, "It will always be the last door, it will always be at 8:59, it will always be in the rain.

I guess at the point I am in my mission, this would be my "4th Quarter". There's obviously a reason God sent me to York my last transfer and there must be someone (even if it's on my last day) we're supposed to find that God has prepared for us. Although I can physically feel my body shutting down and I'm more tired than I've ever been, I want to look back on my last transfer and feel like I gave it my all. 

Don't waste any time, God grants us each day for a reason. 

Love you all!

Sister Peterson

P.s. I got to go to Pontefract for a quick blitz this week and went and visited my English mum, Jill. I WAS SO HAPPY. And it was my last zone conference and Sister Salonia and I accidentally missed the group photo so if you see it, I think President photoshopped us in lol.  

Zone training #YorkZone
My completed name tag of all my companions
looking close, you can see people playing cricket 
My faves #churchbathroomselfie

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