Monday, June 19, 2017

My Dad


My Dad has always been a huge supporter of me, even when my goals were a little far stretched. 
My Dad has always told us "You don't quit until your finished and do it right the first time". 
My Dad woke up every morning and drove me to Seminary and then drove me to high school a countless number of times. 
My Dad has a good sense of humor that's better than "dad jokes" but weren't always appropriate. 😉 
My Dad has never given up on his testimony. Although there were times that could shake it and he could've given up, he taught us that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is there for us especially in the hard times.  
My Dad loves good food, and he especially loves it when we try new food. 
My Dad is the kind of person that mows our lawn in February. February. 
My Dad is able to forgive and doesn't hold grudges. 
My Dad can park our car as close as humanly possible to the side of the garage without getting a scratch on it. 
My Dad works hard. And he has always provided for our family no matter what. 
My Dad is an amazing public speaker and taught me that if you want to be good at something you need to work at it for 10,000 hours. 
My Dad hates excuses and taught us that it's a lot worse to lie than to just tell the truth. 
My Dad almost reported me to the police when I was 4 years old and stole a packet of seeds from Lowe's. Thanks Dad. 

I love my Dad and am so grateful for how he raised me and my siblings. He is a loving father and has given me a glimpse of how much love our Father in Heaven has for us. I know I'll never be able to tell the world how much I love and respect my Dad but I hope at least he'll know the impact he's had on me. 

"We could remember the Savior's magnificent but virtually unknown foster father, a humble carpenter by trade who taught us, among other things, that quiet, plain, unpretentious people have moved this majestic work forward from the very beginning, and still do so today. If you are serving almost anonymously, please know that so, too, did one of the best men who has ever lived on this earth." -Jeffrey R. Holland

Happy Father's Day!

Sister Peterson

They know what's up. 
STL of the year I think, cause this suitcase was mega heavy
I am Chinese. 
Happy Fathers Day, Elder Hansen! 
They invited us over Sunday for dinner and pie to celebrate. 
Missions are my favorite, everyone here is family ♥️ 

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