Monday, June 5, 2017

Please Pray for England ❤️

So as you all have heard about the attacks that have happened in
London and Manchester. It's been really sad talking to people and
hearing about family and friends that have been affected. I know that
God is mindful of each one of us though and His plan is perfect.

York is beautiful. And my companion is so cute! She is the cutest
little ball of Italy I've ever met and sooo selfless. I'm so excited
for these 5 weeks.

Sorry this email is short, I'm trying to see as much as I can out here
before it's time to say goodbye.

Love ya!

Sister Peterson

Saying goodbye to my twin tower and the famous heart wall 😢

Goodbye Dim Sum. It's a tradition :)

Isaac came and visited Sheffield sometimes and now I'm serving in
his ward so he took us to a Welcome to York lunch. YSA are legit here.

The view from our flat


Where we taught a lesson

American food is so expensive here :(

Burgers 😋

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