Monday, July 3, 2017

Grateful is an Understatement

Can I please just tell you guys all the small miracles and tender
mercies God has put in my path this week.

So on Tuesday we went on exchange in Selby and I GOT TO RIDE A BIKE.
They are the only area in the mission that have bicycles so even
though it was pouring rain the entire day, I got to be one of those
classic missionaries and ride a bike to our appointments. SO COOL.

Then on Wednesday we met with Emma before she went to Institute and it
was a short lesson just on the atonement and the Spirit was so strong.
So strong. She is a nurse that works with people right before they die
and she found so much comfort knowing that because Jesus Christ died
and lived again, so can we. And before that, her and one of members
Eve went out for hot chocolate. Cute!

On Saturday we went and painted a deck for one of our members and then
had a nice picnic with hamburgers after. We came back home for our
weekly planning and then went to a BBQ that one of the recent converts
put on. I made a friend with a child, she was pretty cute.

SUNDAY WAS SO GOOD. Emma came to church and she was wearing a really
cute outfit and she said that she went shopping because she wanted
more modest clothes to wear to church. Sooo cute. And everything about
church was just amazing it was like completely tailored to her. After
church we ate some sandwiches and then went to the Mission Home
Fireside. She was telling us on the way there that she has already
quit tea and coffee and was wondering if fruit tea was okay. We
haven't even taught her lesson three yet! She asked for the For
Strength of Youth pamphlet and has been teaching herself from it. She
said that she was always interested in strengthening her faith she
just needed the right opportunity. She told us that when we asked to
meet up with her the first time that society would tell her no, but
her heart told her yes. When she comes to church, she never has
anything bad to say about it and everything makes sense. She loves the
atmosphere of learning and growing and she wants to become better,
more patient, and achieve more in her life. She loves the fact that we
all chose to come to this earth and it brings her so much comfort.
Unfortunately, her dad isn't being supportive of her decision to learn
and he looks at all the "rules" and says that it's restricting her but
she told him "its bigger than that". He said that Mormons don't even
believe in Jesus Christ and she told him "IT'S THE CHURCH OF JESUS
CHRIST!" It's amazing how we've only had three lessons with her and
she's already seen a huge difference in her life. She has so many
friends that she's made and she's always asking questions with the
willingness to act and obey the answers we give her. SHE IS AMAZING.
It was such a lucky experience finding her, and she has been the
cherry on top of the end of my mission. I am so excited to hear about
her baptism in the future.


But wait. There's more.

So this weekend Sister Salonia and I were talking about how we really
wanted to go to Castle Howard for my last Pday. Unfortunately the bus
journey there is over an hour and we would have to pay for the bus
ticket. So we asked President if we could go with the zone leaders but
he said no haha. So we didn't have any plans for today but while we
were doing our grocery shopping, the senior couple called and said
since it was my last Pday, they wanted to take us to Castle Howard.
😭😭 so we went and got in for free and IT WAS THE BEST DAY EVER.

I cannot believe how gracious Heavenly Father has been. I feel like
I've been saying thank you all week but it still isn't enough. I can't
even describe how grateful I am. God is good. ♥️

The view at Nando's restaurant


York Family


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